16 Career Clusters

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If you're trying to find your dream job, understanding the 16 career clusters can be helpful. Career clusters are an organizational tool that can be used to help group different types of occupations based on their similar characteristics.

About the 16 Career Clusters

The 16 career clusters include:

  • Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources: This area refers to jobs that involve being outdoors and working with your hands. Examples of occupations within this area include animal trainer, groundskeeper, and greenhouse manager.
  • Architecture and Construction: This area encompasses all the jobs that are involved in the building, maintenance, and operation of businesses and residential properties. Occupations within this area include architect, drafter, and electrician.
  • Arts, A/V Technology, and Communications: Creative people who love using their talents to entertain and inform others are drawn to jobs in this career cluster. Examples of jobs within this area include journalist, commercial artist, and actor.
  • Business, Management, and Administration: Entrepreneurial people who are highly organized and enjoy working with others often find business to be a suitable career area. Examples of jobs in this career cluster include accountant, administrative assistant, and human resources manager.
  • Education and Training: If you're patient and enjoy helping others, working in the education field can be a rewarding experience. Potential job opportunities in this field include elementary school teacher, high school instructor, college professor, and corporate trainer.
  • Finance: As you might expect, being successful in finance related careers requires strong mathematical ability and a solid attention to detail. Examples of careers in this cluster include loan officer, stockbroker, and credit analyst.
  • Government and Public Administration: Careers in government and public administration are varied, but all offer the satisfaction of knowing you're making a contribution to your community. Jobs in this area include solider, legislator, and foreign service officer.
  • Health Science: Health science careers encompass all aspects of the medical field. Examples of career opportunities in this area include pharmacist, paramedic, and optometrist.
  • Hospitality and Tourism: Hospitality and tourism is a rapidly growing industry with a great deal of room for advancement. Examples of careers within this cluster include chef, lodging manager, and food service manager.
  • Human Services: The human services career cluster refers to jobs with the primary purpose of helping families meet basic human needs. Jobs in this area include social worker, psychologist, and substance abuse specialist.
  • Information Technology: Jobs in information technology deal with computer hardware, software, and systems integration services. Potential job opportunities in this career cluster include positions such as web designer, network administrator, and technical support specialist.
  • Law, Public Safety, Corrections, and Security: Protecting the well being of the public at large is the goal of occupations in this area. Examples of jobs in this cluster include attorney, firefighter, and police officer.
  • Manufacturing: People who work in manufacturing jobs use their strong mechanical abilities to create many different kinds of products. Examples of occupations in this area include sheet metal worker, millwright, and quality control technician.
  • Marketing, Sales, and Service: This career cluster allows people to use their creativity and communications skills to meet a variety of business objectives. Some of the many job opportunities in this field include marketing director, customer service representative, and sales associate.
  • Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics: Careers in this area often involve cutting edge research into new technological developments. Jobs available include chemical engineer, oceanographer, and biotechnologist.
  • Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics: Jobs in this cluster involve moving people, materials, and products by road, air, rail, and water. Examples of career opportunities include truck driver, pilot, and flight attendant.

Which Cluster is Right for You?

Determining which of the 16 career clusters has the occupation that is right for you requires evaluating several different factors. This includes everything from considering your ideal work environment and personal interests to what type of salary you hope to receive and how much time you're willing to invest in your higher education. To learn more about the 16 career clusters, LoveToKnow Jobs suggests visiting the following helpful links:

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16 Career Clusters