Airline Jobs

Airline Jobs

Airline jobs have held a certain allure since the first commercial plane took flight. To be part of an industry that helps people from all over the world connect with each other is challenging, exciting and fulfilling and the travel benefits are unmatched by any other career.

Airline Career Choices

Whether you are part of an on-flight crew or provide customer or technical support on the ground, airline jobs offer many opportunities that require diverse skills most people can acquire through training and experience.

Up in the Air

If soaring above the clouds on a regular basis appeals to you, a job as a flight attendant or pilot might be perfect. Although the schedules for both jobs can be hectic, and training for the latter position is extensive, both positions guarantee careers full of adventure with the chance to explore locations around the country or world.

Ground Control

Airlines depend on their ground employees to keep operations running smoothly while ensuring customer satisfaction. Flight dispatchers help pilots fly planes safely, ground crews and freight agents keep track of cargo and luggage and operations agents are in charge of communications among all departments. Travel, ticket and customer service representatives keep the revenue flowing and help passengers have a satisfactory flying experience.

Behind the Scenes

Administrative support personnel work behind the scenes in assorted capacities to keep airline companies profitable and competitive. Career choices abound in areas like sales, logistics, marketing, accounting and public relations, as well as in-flight food and beverage service, maintenance and site security.

Where to Start

If you have decided an airline career is a good fit for your skills and lifestyle, you can research job opportunities at individual airlines and apply for them online. Openings come and go quickly, so check sites frequently for updates.

Southwest Airlines

Southwest may be known as the bargain airline, but it regularly receives rave reviews for customer service and is noted for its humorous and light-hearted culture. Employees at Southwest Airlines praise the company for encouraging creativity and recognizing individuality.

Jet Blue

This up and coming airline offers discount fares with limited routes but has the most comfort for the price, offering oversized seating and individual televisions for each passenger. Jet Blue has plans to considerably expand its services over the next decades.

American Airlines

Despite its name, American Airlines flies to over 40 countries in addition to serving many major U.S. cities. If you want a career with a company that supports diversity and strongly encourages a philanthropic attitude, American Airlines is a good choice.

United Airlines

As one of the oldest airlines in the country, United Airlines often ranks as a top choice for many seasoned travelers. Its 2010 merger with Continental Airlines has significantly increased United's career opportunities.

Virgin Atlantic

Known for the quirkiness of its owner and flight crews, Virgin Atlantic continues to expand its fleet and destinations each year, which means increased job opportunities.

Benefits and Perks

Major airlines offer much more than free and discounted flights to their employees. Most have comprehensive health plans that include medical, vision and dental coverage as well as savings, pension and profit sharing plans. A significant number offer college tuition assistance to employees and their families as well as scholarships to members of airline employee families.

More About Airline Jobs

There are many airline jobs at airline carriers around the country. Explore the possibilities and then take the first step toward attaining the requirements to make your airline career lift off and fly

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Airline Jobs