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American Airlines employment can be a great opportunity for the right people. There are travel perks, benefits, and the feeling that you're a part of something meaningful-it's more than just a job.

About American Airlines

American Airlines is a global airline that covers 250 cities and 40 countries. They value:

  • Differing perspectives and ideas of their employees
  • Their customers' satisfaction
  • Bringing together communities and looking for ways to improve the economic situation

American Airlines is a well-rounded organization that reaches out to help the community and their employees while keeping their customers happy too. Since it's a global airline, you'll find positions available in more than just the United States. If you're interested in relocating to another city or country, this is one company to consider, especially if you are bilingual.

The Perks of American Airlines Employment

  • 24 hour human resources support
  • Travel opportunities
  • Benefits
  • Being a part of a company that works hard to improve the community by supporting charitable organizations like the Make a Wish Foundation, Susan G. Komen Foundation, the March of Dimes, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, American Foundation for AIDS Research, and others.
  • Working for a business that values employee input via organized groups


Life/Health Insurance: The company offers a variety of plans including dental, life, disability, vision, and other optional plans like long term care, legal aid, and reimbursement accounts. These are for employees and their families.

Savings and Retirement: 401(k), matching funds, profit sharing, incentives, and an employee credit union.

Balance Between Work and Life: The company works with their employees to help them meet the needs of their work and life obligations.

Career Development: There are online and classroom opportunities for resources and classes that will improve job performance and offer personal enrichment. In addition, if an employee is interested in a career change within the company, they offer a job search tool online to help them find jobs within the company.

Travel: With an airline company, of course there is the question concerning how much travel time and which perks will be available. Employees and their families can go almost anywhere they'd like on the company. In addition, there are discounts on other airlines, hotels, car rentals, and more. This is perhaps one of the star benefits of American Airline employment, something that not just any business can offer.

Career Opportunities

You can find career opportunities with American Airlines by visiting the AA Careers page. You can search for jobs in the United States or Canada, or browse through positions in Mexico City and Monterrey, Mexico as bilingual Reservations Representatives. If you currently work for American Airlines, Eagle, or TWA, you can follow the Jetnet Careers link for the Internal Careers section.

There's a niche for almost anyone interested in American Airlines employment. Some of the available jobs include:

  • Accountant
  • Project Manager
  • Member Services Representative
  • Senior Application Architect
  • Internal Auditor
  • Information Technology Architect

In addition to the American Airlines site, you can visit the American Eagle Careers page. American Eagle is a wholly owned subsidiary of AMR Corporation and is a regional airline associate of American Airlines. There, you can choose from categories such as:

  • Accounting
  • Clerical
  • Bus Driver
  • Dispatcher
  • Flight Attendant
  • Inventory Control
  • Mechanics
  • Pilot
  • Purchasing

You will also be met with a list of areas that have open positions, so you can choose the area where you live or any areas in which you would be interested.

Whether you're most interested in working face-to-face with the customers or staying behind the scenes as an internal auditor, you may be surprised by the vast number of possibilities American Airlines has to offer.


If you have a disability that renders you incapable of filling out your application for employment online, you can visit the American Airlines website to request an accommodation via email or fax. Just make sure to put "Accommodation Request" in the subject line in order to get the prompt attention you need.

Final Thoughts

American Airlines offers employment opportunities for multiple fields. The company stand by its customers, employees, and the community while offering outstanding benefits to workers and their families. If you're looking for a new job either within the company or from the outside, it's worth a look no matter what your chosen career field.

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