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You can fill out applications for Kroger online for jobs ranging from in-store cashiers to those in the corporate office. When you want to start working for Kroger, this is the place to start regardless of the position you seek.

Locating the Kroger Application

If you go to the Kroger website and scroll to the bottom, you will see a Careers/Jobs section underneath the Company Information heading. From there, you can go on to read more about the company including information about the organization's values, benefits, and diversity, or you can jump right into the application process. Kroger applications are available in English and Spanish.

Completing Applications for Kroger Online

It's a good idea to read the FAQ section before proceeding to the application itself. For some positions, you can submit your resume for review. For others, the online application form will suffice. From the main Careers page on the Kroger website, you can choose which type of job you are seeking and in turn be directed to either an opportunity to upload your resume to the site or simply go in and fill out the application. If you are seeking an upper level job, have your resume on hand. For hourly positions and manufacturing jobs, a resume is not necessary.

Applying with Your Resume

You will notice if you're looking for a job in management, pharmacy, or any other upper-level job at Kroger, you will need to upload your resume. You can apply for jobs in any state from Kroger's employment website whether you're looking for full-time, part-time, contractor, intern, or seasonal work. Companies included in the application process are: City Market, Dillons, Fred Meyer, JayC Food Stores, King Soopers, Kroger Accounting Services, Loaf 'N Jug, Ralphs, Smith's, The Kroger Company, Turkey Hill, and more.

Hourly Store Positions

This application starts off asking for your zip code and how large of a radius you would like to search for stores near you. So the first question you need to ask yourself is how far you are willing to commute each shift. Please note that you do not have to fill out applications for Kroger online; if you don't see a location on the list, feel free to visit that store and ask for a paper application.

The whole process should take you between ten and fifty minutes once you choose a store location from the list of sites that are accepting applications. The application is then sent to Unicru before being passed along to the store at which you would like to work. One of the nice things about Kroger's online applications is that they do not need you to complete it all in one sitting. You can click the Restart option to continue if you didn't have time to finish it before.

If a question is in bold, that means you are required to answer it. Keep in mind that you should be meticulous while you go through the application because even though there is a Back button, you cannot go back and edit all of your answers.

Manufacturing Jobs

When you want to apply for a manufacturing job, you won't be able to apply to a store and have your application stored online for a while in case a job opens up. Instead, you will be shown the stores that are currently accepting applications. Additionally, you may be shown which department is hiring. For example, if the bakery at the store near you is hiring, you'll see that on the list. That saves you the trouble of applying at a store that does not have a good opening for your skills or interests.

Applying to Work with Kroger

Applications for Kroger online seem to be set up in a way that saves you time and energy. You should only apply for the types of jobs that interest you in the locations where you would like to work. That means it will be easier to follow up. There will hopefully be less of a waiting game, too, since the applications are so well-sorted.

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