Applying for Unemployment Insurance in Canada

Reasons for Company Layoffs
Reasons for Company Layoffs

Applying for unemployment insurance in Canada is a step-by-step process. This type of compensation enables individuals to receive aid from the government when they are unemployed, through no fault of their own.

How to Apply

To apply for unemployment insurance benefits, you will need to submit an application for Employment Insurance online or by visiting your local Service Canada Centre. The online application for benefits allows you to submit all details required right on the website. You will be able to list your employment history, reason for lack of employment and your reported earnings. All of these elements are taken into consideration. To apply in person, visit the Service Canada website. Punch in your location to locate a central office to your location. You can visit Monday through Friday during the normal work week to apply for benefits.

Submit Key Information

Applying for unemployment insurance in Canada does require that you submit verifiable information to the agency. In order to apply either online or in person, you will need the following information on hand.

  • Your Social Insurance Number is necessary. If your SIN begins with the number 9, you must also show proof of your work permit and immigration status.
Apply Online for Unemployment Benefits
  • Personal identification is necessary. A driver's license, birth certificate or a passport is necessary, if you are applying at a local centre.
  • A record of employment, or ROE, is necessary. Request this from your employer. If the employer provides these electronically to Service Canada, you will not need to request a paper copy of it. You can then obtain a copy of your ROE online, print if off and use it that way.
  • Bank information is also necessary, such as a voided check. This is where your funds will receive direct deposit if you have approval for them.
  • For those out of work due to a medical illness, it is important to have a medical certificate showing how long the incapacity is to last and if you are claiming sickness benefits.
  • If you are obtaining parental benefits, you need the Social Insurance Number of the child you are claiming benefits because of.
  • In situations of compassionate care benefits, it is necessary to have a medical certificate showing this need.

You will also need to supply Service Canada with details regarding your most recent employment, including your salary, and any other benefits given to you. You will then supply a detailed version of the facts, outlining why you are unable to work.

Wait for Notification

After completing the application process, you will need to wait for a decision regarding approval or denial of benefits. Approval will depend on whether or not you meet eligibility requirements. The approval process takes a few days to a few weeks, depending on the circumstances.

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Applying for Unemployment Insurance in Canada