At Home Library Jobs

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Librarians can work from home.

Several types of at home library jobs are available to people who a background in library science. Telecommuting offers flexibility in scheduling and can be an attractive option for people who have young children at home or are caring for parents as well as trying to work.

Options for at Home Library Jobs

Here are some possibilities for at home library jobs you may want to consider.


An indexer is a person who compiles the reference lists, including page numbers, that appear at the back of books, journals, and other printed materials. At about the same time that the final proofreading is being done, the indexer is given a set of page proofs (including the final page numbers). He or she then goes through the materials and makes a list of headings and subheadings. This information is used to compile an index.


A person who works as a cataloguer writes a description of materials to be added to the library's collection. He or she also updates the library's records so that the new additions are included. Learning to perform these types of functions is part of a librarian's training and people who do this type of work are very familiar with the procedures involved. Cataloguing is a function that is often outsourced and freelance cataloguers can work from home to keep the records as up to date as possible.

Freelance Researcher

Freelance researchers have access to online databases and use them, as well as other resources, to find specific information on behalf of their clients. Many people who do this kind of work have a high level of knowledge and experience in specialized areas, such as business, law, or medicine.

Networking to develop a list of clients for these kinds of services is key to getting started. You will also need to market your services to individuals and businesses who need access to specialized information but don't have the time or expertise to gather it themselves. AIM Library and Information Staffing can help you find freelance researcher work, as well as other at home library jobs.

Other Services

If you are interested in providing services to a library from your home office, you could also look into performing tasks like delivering books and materials from one library to another or providing research services to local library users. Libraries may also offer services from reference librarians on a 24-hour-a-day basis, and this is another opportunity that can be considered when you are looking for telecommuting work. You may need to be available during certain hours to provide the requested information, but you still have the convenience of working from your own home.

Where to Find Telecommuting Library Jobs

If you are interested in library work that you can do off site, you can find information and job openings here:

Members can get valuable information from webinars and by attending the Association's annual conference. Posting a listing on the Association's web site is a way to market your services to potential clients.

Search through available job openings and get information about library careers here. You will also find facts about opportunities for continuing education and a discussion forum where you can share ideas with other library workers here.

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