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The Service Canada Job Bank offers a number of services to job seekers. This site also offers help to employers who are trying to fill available positions.

Service Canada Job Seeker Resources

Visitors to the Service Canada Job Bank website may start with the Job Search feature. Clicking on the link to this page brings up a screen where the individual is asked to indicate where he or she lives. The next screen reveals the site's Search function.

Job seekers can choose to see all available jobs or narrow the search by province or region, or occupation. Clicking a job title reveals the job posting. Candidates can apply for the position in the manner the employer specifies in the ad.

Job Search Feature for Students and Youth

Students and young people who are looking for work can click on the appropriate link to be taken to the Search feature to see jobs geared to this demographic. As with the general job search function, the individual can choose to search for jobs in a particular part of the country or a specific occupation.

Job Match and Job Alert

The Job Match feature allows job seekers to post a profile on the site that will be shared with employers. The Job Alert feature sends out e-mail notifications when a job matching an individual's criteria is posted on the site. For both features, the candidate must register and create an online account.

Career Navigator

The Career Navigator section of the Canada Federal Job Bank website has links to several quizzes designed to help people determine what kind of work they would be best suited for:

  • Abilities Quiz
  • Data, People, Things Quiz
  • Work Preference Quiz
  • Work Values Quiz
  • Multiple Intelligence Quiz
  • Seeing, Hearing, and Doing Quiz

After the quizzes have been completed, a list of suggested occupations is provided. A job seeker can log into the site to save his or her results for future reference.

Resume Builder

Up to five versions of a job seeker's resume can be created and stored using this feature. Different layouts may be used for each one, if desired. Resume writing tips are also available on this part of the website. An account must be created before using the Resume Builder.

Employment and Job Services Information

Clicking on this link reveals more resources for people who are looking for work. Opportunities available to Aboriginal people are posted here, along with information about jobs available in the Heritage sector. Links to the following potential employers are provided:

  • Government of Canada
  • Canadian Forces/Department of National Defense
  • Canada Revenue Agency
  • Parks Canada
  • Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Services for Employers

Employers looking for workers are invited to visit the website to set up an account and submit a job posting. (A Canada Revenue Agency Business Number may be required to do so.)

  • Once the job posting has been completed, the employer may choose to see a list of qualified candidates by clicking on the Perform Match feature to access the information in the Job Match feature.
  • An employer who is specifically looking to hire a student or a youth can choose to access the Hire a Student/Youth portion of the website to post a job in that section of the Job bank.

The website also has a number of features designed to help job seekers and employers find each other. There is no charge for employers to post job openings on the site, which helps to make the Job Bank an attractive option for finding workers. Job seekers may also be impressed by the number and variety of vacancies posted on this resource.

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