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Did you know that you can apply for Canadian government federal jobs if you have a Canadian work permit or are a Canadian citizen? Many Canadians work in federal government and many United States citizens who live near the border commute to and from Canada to work in federal jobs. Learn more about the requirements for these types of jobs and find out where to look for openings.


The Canadian government has positions located within the country as well as overseas opportunities, such as jobs in foreign embassies. Depending on the job you apply for, you either need to be a Canadian citizen living within the country or living abroad. Alternately, if you a non-Canadian citizen, then you can acquire a work permit that allows you to work in Canada. A work permit doesn't allow you to work in foreign countries, but you can apply and get hired for jobs in Canada.

If you are bilingual, then you may have a higher chance of being hired for a Canadian government federal job than someone who speaks only one language. This doesn't mean you need to speak French and English exclusively. Spanish, German and other major languages are a big plus, especially if you apply for a job overseas. Keep in mind that many federal agencies in Canada will require you to take and predominantly pass a foreign language written and oral test. If you are a bit rusty with your secondary language, the time to brush up is before you submit your application as well as while the application is being reviewed.

Where to Find Canadian Government Federal Jobs

Sticking with a few different websites will get you all the listings you'll ever need to find federal jobs in Canada.

  • Emplois Jobs - This site features a comprehensive listing of jobs, presented in both English and French. The search box is simply: type in a job title or position and do a quick search. If here is a specific location you want to work in, then select that area. Leaving the location alone will net you a larger selection of jobs, but if you need to stay local, then find the area closest to you. At the bottom of the location menu is "International" if you want to work out of the country. If you are still in school, search for jobs under the Student or Post-Graduate tabs.
  • - This is the site where official listings of government jobs in Canada are posted. The first thing you'll see on this easy-to-navigate site is the section that gives you advice on applying and taking the tests. Underneath that is where you'll find job listings. There isn't a convenient search box, but if you know the location you want, then you can browse job listings in that region. If you want to work in a specific department of the Canadian federal government, then you can peruse the list and select that department. For more local jobs, you can browse job listings my municipality or city. At the very bottom of the page, there is a small box that lists the latest posts of job openings.
  • PSE-NET - This is the official website of the Public Service Employees Network of Canada. Simply browse by region or do an advance job search by title or job position. The site works the same as most job sites, but has detailed information about the Civil service tests and has a good message board with job seekers and those who post new job openings before they even hit the website.

The Same Everywhere

No matter if you seek a job in the U.S., Canada, Mexico or anywhere else in the world, make sure your resume is up-to-date, you are familiar with the job position and description of your duties and you know about the agency or department you are applying to. If you seem to be uninformed when you interview, it could have a negative impact on your chances of being selected.

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Canadian Government Federal Jobs