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When it comes to looking for a job, career search engines and directories should be an important part of your overall strategy. Not only do they list job openings, but they are also a great source of information.

Career Search Engines and Directories: Why Use Them?

Here are some examples of the kinds of information you can find on career search engines and directories:

  • Job market trends
  • Job search tips
  • Suggestions on how to write a resume that gets noticed
  • Salary unformation for various types of jobs
  • Common interview questions you can prepare for

There are sites that cater to a cross-section of the public and others that specialize in job listings for students, executives, or people working in specialized employment niches.

Tips for Using Career Search Engines and Directories

  • Use keywords that are specific to your job search. These could include a specific job title (for example, neonatal nurse or technical sales representative) or a location. If you used a broad term, like "nurse" or "sales representative," you may end up with too many listings.
  • If the first set of results is too narrow or too broad, then make changes as appropriate and search again.
  • Sign up to have potential job matches sent directly to your e-mail account. Looking for a job is time-consuming and once you have a set of search terms you are happy with, having your matches sent to you daily will free up more time for you to apply to jobs you are interested in.
  • Follow instructions given by employers when applying for jobs carefully. Failing to do so may mean that your application is discarded, no matter how well qualified for the position you happen to be.
  • Be sure to proofread your resume and cover letter before sending them to prospective employers. These documents are your calling cards. All the reader knows about you is what you present in writing. Make sure you are presenting yourself in the best possible way.

Examples of Career Search Engines and Directories

There are many career sites online, and the ones listed here are only a few examples of what is available online.

Monster is billed as one of the largest job sites online. It features job postings from employers in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Europe, the Middle East, and the Pacific Rim.

Visitors to this site can post a resume and let potential employers contact them, if desired. Another great feature offered by Monster is that job seekers can set up a job search agent and have jobs that fit their search criteria e-mailed to them on a daily basis. You will also find resume and job hunting tips, interview prep, and salary information for different job titles posted here.

CareerBuilder is another helpful site for job seekers. As you access the site more often, the software actually "remembers" the type of job listings you have clicked on and their locations to work up a list of recommended jobs for you. CareerBuilder also provides helpful information about resume writing, salaries, job fairs, and how to get the job you want. Skills training and networking are also covered here.

ApparelJobs specializes in job postings and information for people who are interested in the fashion industry. Full time, part time, and internship opportunities are posted here, and job seekers can look for work under the following categories:

  • Wholesale
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Design
  • Sales Merchandising
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