Careers in Zoology

About Careers in Zoology

Are you wondering about the different types of careers in zoology? There are many job options available to individuals who earn degrees in this interesting and rewarding field.


Working as a zookeeper is one of the many options available to individuals who study zoology in college.

Wildlife Biologist

Studying zoology can prepare you for a rewarding career as a wildlife biologist, working for an environmental conservation organization, the National Park Service, or a similar employer.

Museum Curator

Individuals with a background in zoology are uniquely qualified to curate wildlife related museum exhibits.

Science Teacher

Paired with a teaching certificate, a degree in zoology can be an excellent background for an elementary or secondary school science teacher.

Laboratory Researcher

Individuals with academic credentials in this field are qualified to perform scientific research in a variety of settings, including academia and the healthcare industry.

Marine Biologist

A background in zoology can prepare individuals for work as a marine biologist, studying and working with marine animals in their natural habitats or working for an organization like Sea World or an aquarium, where animals are cared for in controlled settings.

Farming and Ranching

Individuals with expertise in zoology often seek careers in the farming and ranching industry.

Preparing for a Zoology Career

If you're thinking about majoring in this field in college, consider seeking internship and summer job opportunities that will provide you with exposure to the different types of jobs you'll be qualified to do after graduation.

Student Job Ideas

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Careers in Zoology