Job Loss and Unemployment

Unemployment Causes and Consequences

Unemployment Causes and Consequences

Understanding unemployment causes and consequences reveals how serious a problem job loss can be for the individuals who are affected and their families. Unemployment affects society, entire communities and nations.… Keep reading »

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Job loss can be from a company layoff, a recession, being fired, or from quitting your job. There are several things you should know when it comes to the type of job loss you are experiencing.

Company Layoffs

There are some warning signs you can identify that are precursors to a company layoff. Make sure you understand your rights as an employee if a company layoff happens.

Seasonal Layoffs

If you lost your job due to a company layoff, it might be a seasonal one and you may qualify to collect unemployment until the layoff is over and everyone is called back to full-time work.

Various Reasons for Layoffs

Some types of layoffs include downsizing, companywide restructuring, business liquidation, a company buyout, outsourcing, and your company sold to another company. Some layoffs might be due to competition and a reduction in company sales that means not all employees can be supported by the current company revenue.

Filing and Collecting Unemployment Benefits

You will need to meet specific unemployment criteria before you can collect any unemployment compensation. You will have a set time period that you can collect unemployment benefits.

Eligible or Ineligible for Unemployment Benefits

You will be required to file weekly claims for unemployment to verify you are still unemployed and eligible for compensation. In some instances, you may be denied unemployment benefits and will be provided information on the reason(s) and if there are any options to amend your status.

Job Loss Due to Resignation

Most people secure another job before they resign from their current position. However, there may be extenuating circumstances where this might not be the case. You should first determine if you're leaving your job for a good reason, know the best way to quit a job and if you can collect unemployment if you resign.

Job Loss Due to Being Fired

Many times, people suffer a job loss due to being fired. There are several reasons why people get fired. If you've been fired from your job, you should educate yourself about any laws that govern getting fired. You'll face certain challenges in job hunting after being fired but you can overcome these by managing the interview process.

Surviving a Job Loss

If you've never been through a company layoff, been fired or felt you had no other choice than to quit, you're left feeling devastated and frightened. Your source of your income has suddenly and unexpectedly disappeared. The good news is you can survive a job loss, regardless the reason. There are many resources available to assist you in finding another job.

Job Loss and Unemployment