Certified Legal Nurse Consultant Job

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A certified legal nurse consultant job is among numerous fascinating career paths a nurse can take. Learn how to acquire certification and how to seek employment as a legal nurse consultant (LNC).

Certification in Legal Nurse Consulting

Legal nurse consulting jobs promise excellent growth potential, especially for nurses who have certification. An excellent resource for exploring this splinter of the field of nursing is the American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants (AALCN). The organization requires membership but it can offer nurses an edge over the competition.

The AALNC provides opportunities for networking, continuing education, and earning certification as a legal nurse consultant. Nurses interested in becoming certified in this field can benefit from taking the LNCC Review Course.

Keep in mind that certification is not absolutely necessary to find employment as a consultant, but it may make finding a certified legal nurse consultant job easier.

Find a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant Job

Employment as a legal nurse consultant is available through a number of different work environments, ranging from law firms to government offices. The AALCN features a LCN locator tool in its network that is helpful to individuals who are seeking employment as a legal nurse consultant.

AALCN Network

Certified members of the AALCN have the benefit of networking with other professionals as well as people looking for consultants. The organization lists legal certified consultants in its database, which is searchable by state or by speciality. Potential employers can use the database to search for qualified candidates in their regions.

  • State
  • Geographic area
  • Medical practice speciality
  • Nursing experience
  • Expert witnesses

The field of nursing has various specialities, and potential employers may look for consultants who have extensive experience in certain areas. For example, a lawyer may want to find a legal nurse consultant who specializes in gerontology when involved in a nursing home neglect case.

National Alliance of Legal Nurse Consultants

The National Alliance of Legal Nurse Consultants (NACLNC) offers a certification program on its membership website. The organization is affiliated with the Vickie Milazzo Institute, which offers a six day certification seminar. The organization lists members in its online directory.

Other Job Search Options

It isn't necessary to become a member of the AALCN to find work as a certified LNC. Positions in this area of nursing may arise right in the workplace but LNCs may benefit from sending resumes and letters of interest to local businesses that may have a need for their services. Examples of possibilities include:

  • Government organizations
  • Insurance companies
  • Law firms
  • Legal consulting firms

Online searches for legal consultants in the medical field are available through LawJobs.com. The job search website allows visitors to search for openings by job title and location. See the Job Search Websites article for ideas of other online job search sites that may be beneficial.

Job Outlook and Salary

The job outlook for certified legal consultants in the field of nursing is outstanding. Consultant positions differ greatly from paralegal careers, and it is important to note that LNCs are nurses foremost.

According to the New York Times' article, Helping Nurses Move from Hospitals to Law Offices, legal nurse consultants make 60 to 150 dollars per hour. The salary for an independent consultant is likely to be higher than a salary for a consultant working directly for a business.

The field of nursing offers many different specialities that appeal to various interests. Nurses who are interested in law may want to explore their options in certified legal nurse consultant jobs.

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Certified Legal Nurse Consultant Job