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Choosing the right college can be challenging.
Choosing the right college can be challenging.

If you are interested in working at an entry-level as a college counselor, telecommute courses are available. You can complete your training online as a college counselor aide, at a time and location that is convenient for you.

Importance of College Counselors

For students, the work of a college counselor is invaluable. For the young person who knows what kind of career he or she wants to pursue, the counselor can help them find a school or a program offering the kinds of courses they need to take to do that particular kind of work.

When students are not clear about the kind of college courses they want to take, the college counselor can help them figure out where their interests and skills lie, and help them find the kinds of jobs that would be a good fit. Too many people make an important decision, such as what kind of work they want to do, without considering whether it is something they will enjoy doing on a daily basis. College counselors can help students look at multiple options, and make an informed choice about careers and higher learning.

College Counselor Aide Job Description

A college counselor aide is a person who helps high school students prepare for the next step in their education. Your job duties would include the following:

  • Helping high school students prepare application forms
  • Sharing information about the different kinds of resources available to students on campus
  • Providing details about course offerings and class schedules

College Counselor Telecommute Course

If you are interested in working as a college counselor aide, the Extension branch of UCLA offers an online program that you can complete in six months. Students enrolled in this program will earn a certificate when they have completed their course work, along with a 64-hour practicum). The required courses are as follows:

  • The College Admissions Process and Practicum in College Counseling
  • Counseling the College-Bound Student
  • The College Admissions Process
  • Financial Aid Fundamentals
  • Testing/Career Assessment
  • Using the Internet for College/Career Counseling
  • Special Issues in College Counseling

For those college counselor telecommute students interested in learning how to set up their own independent practice, entitled "Educational Consulting: Foundations of a Practice."

College Counselor Job Description

The job of a college counselor is a bit more involved than the one performed by a college counselor aide. He or she provides the following services to high school students (and their parents):

  • Assistance with choosing a college
  • Course/college major selection that reflects the student's interests and aptitudes
  • Scheduling standardized tests for students
  • Completing college application documents
  • Answering questions about financial aid available, including scholarships offered
  • Help with writing a college admission essay and preparing for college interviews

As a college counselor, you will also be expected to attend seminars to keep your knowledge of standardized tests up to date. Part of your ongoing professional development will be to visit various college and university campuses to meet the admissions staff and learn more about the programs they offer.

College Counselor Educational Requirements

To work as a college counselor as part of the staff employed by either a community college or a public high school, you will need to have successfully completed the requirements for a Master's degree in Counseling, along with a Pupil Personnel Services Credential.

College Counselor Masters Programs Available Online

Here are some examples of universities offering Masters programs in College Counseling on a telecommute basis:

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College Counselor Telecommute