Crime Scene Investigator Job Description

Crime Scene Investigator

Working as a crime scene investigator involves gathering and preserving evidence at crime scenes. Reviewing a sample job description can be helpful whether you're responsible for writing new job descriptions or if you want to learn more about what's involved in this type of career.

Sample Description for a CSI Job

There is a lot more to working as a crime scene investigator than just looking for clues and finding traces of evidence left behind by perpetrators. Learn more about common requirements for this type of job by reviewing the sample job description provided here.

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Crime Scene Investigation Job Description
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Varying Requirements

Keep in mind that specific duties and requirements will likely vary somewhat from one law enforcement agency to another. If you are writing a job description, you may want to use this example document as a starting point. However, be sure to adjust as needed to accurately reflect your organization's exact needs and expectations. Job seekers should verify employer-specific requirements when applying for opportunities.

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Crime Scene Investigator Job Description