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With DynCorp, employment options extend nationwide. They are present on six continents and work to protect government officials, eradicate illegal drug crops, maintain planes, train civilian peacekeepers who will then deploy to another country, remove landmines, and more.

About DynCorp

DynCorp provides both government and civilian organizations with the technology and professional services they need. In addition, they have a hand in aviation, infrastructure development, security, and logistics at a commercial level. A company with an international presence, DynCorp offers airplane maintenance to all branches of the United States military.

In other countries like Haiti, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Bosnia, there are 5,000 peacekeepers and police trainers who have been trained by DynCorp. DynCorp handles the recruiting, training, and deployment of these men and women to countries all around the world.

DynCorp also works to support and protect American diplomats, their facilities, and important allied leaders from other countries. In addition, they work to clean up the drugs in countries in South America and in Afghanistan.

With DynCorp employment, you could find yourself in a career that involves:

  • Aviation
  • Security and law enforcement
  • Infrastructure
  • Logistics
  • Contingency support
  • Program management

With such a broad range of potential career fields that could potentially take you anywhere in the world, DynCorp is an attractive employer. They were even voted as one of the top 50 military-friendly employers by G.I. Jobs in 2008. If you have any experience in one or more of the aforementioned careers, contact DynCorp online or at a job fair to find out if there is a job match there for you.

Obtaining Dyncorp Employment

If you have previous military experience or speak a foreign language, you may have a slight edge when seeking Dyncorp employment. For a list of available jobs, visit DynCorp Recruiting and complete a search for jobs you'd love or view all of the available positions at once. You'll see jobs from Satellite Beach, Florida, to Kabul Afghanistan on the list.

Click on a job title for a very thorough description of what the job entails and what experience, skills, and education are needed. From there, you can apply for the job online. If you've already applied for a DynCorp position before, you'll be able to log in again rather than creating a new account. If you haven't, you can upload your resume, enter a cover letter, and fill out a profile.

Examples of job titles include:

  • WPPS Aviation Crew Chief
  • Weather Forecaster
  • Transition Manager
  • Warehouse Manager
  • Vehicle Mechanic
  • Workshop Manager-Guns
  • Technical Records Clerk
  • Systems Administrator
  • Subject Matter Expert
  • Security Supervisor
  • Search and Rescue Medic

The list is very diverse, especially if you do not mind relocating. Perhaps you're looking for an adventure in another country. DynCorp employment can help you get there. Many of the positions are for contract work only, so keep that in mind when you apply.

Other opportunities for obtaining employment with DynCorp include job fairs. Visit the Job Fair Listing to find out if there is one coming up in your area. They are held in areas like Washington, DC; Denver, Colorado; San Diego, CA, and more.

Final Thoughts

If you're looking for military-friendly employment and possibly even an adventure in a new place, DynCorp employment is a good option. Search for jobs that fit your needs or browse through what is available on the website. If you can, visit them at a job fair for additional information. You could be working on planes for the US military, coming up with security solutions in order to keep diplomats safe in high-risk countries, or locating and destroying landmines in Afghanistan.

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Dyncorp Employment