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If you want to find a position working as an English as a Second Language Instructor, you'll likely find ESL job posting websites to be very helpful. These types of sites are a great resource for people who are looking for opportunities to teach ESL classes in their home countries as well as for those who'd like to work overseas.

5 Examples of ESL Job Posting Websites

1. ESL Employment features a searchable database of ESL jobs around the world. To search for open positions based on specific criteria, simply click on the website's "Job Seekers" tab. Doing so will take you to a search form that will allow you to choose a country, then narrow down your search to regions within the selected nation if desired. You can further target your search by entering keywords of your choice into the form.

The site includes a number of useful resources for those who want to work as ESL instructors, including an active forum, educational program information, articles, and more. You can also register to receive a weekly email update of new ESL job postings at no charge.


The website features listings of ESL jobs in many different countries. When you visit the site, you can opt to view all recently posted jobs, or you can choose to view job listings by country.

You can register to receive free email notifications of new postings as they are added to the site. Registration is easy, as the site is set up in a WordPress blog template. Simply choose a username and password and you'll be ready to go. You can also follow ESL Jobs on Facebook and Twitter.

3. ESL Jobs World

ESL Jobs World provides job listings in a forum format. You can view all jobs, or choose to view region-specific listings. Available regions include Asia, Europe, Latin America, North America, and countries in the Middle East. Online ESL teaching jobs are also published on the site.

In addition to viewing job listings, you can also sign up to receive free email announcements of new job listings as they are added to the site.

4. Dave's ESL Cafe

Dave's ESL Café is a great place to look for ESL teaching jobs. It features an international job board, as well as job board specific to countries where ESL instructors are in particularly high demand. Teachers can also post their resumes for review by potential employers.

In addition to the job boards, Dave's ESL Café features a number of resources that teachers may find to be useful. For example, there is an active job discussion forum that allows provides a place for ESL teachers - experienced professionals and newcomers alike - to interact with each other and share information about working in the field.


The website features a searchable database of worldwide ESL employment opportunities for teachers. The search form allows you to enter keyword search terms. You can also narrow your search to jobs posted within specific date ranges or to positions offered by particular employers. You can also subscribe to receive job alert announcements via email when new positions are added to the website.

A Word of Caution

When reviewing online advertisements for ESL teaching positions, be aware that you may run into some scams disguised as legitimate employment opportunities. To protect yourself, check out any potential employers and employment opportunities thoroughly. Stick to well-known job boards, preferably those that screen job ads before allowing them to be posted. Avoid responding to any advertisements that look questionable, even if they are published on credible ESL job posting websites.

Keep in mind that no legitimate employer will ever ask you to pay money as part of the application process. If you come across a position announcement that requires payment of a processing fee or asks you to provide bank account or credit card information as part of the application process, do not proceed. Instead of being considered for a job, you'll probably find yourself dealing with the aftermath of identity theft if you provide the requested information.

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