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If you want to gain employment in a quick-serve restaurant, you'll need to complete fast food job applications for each of the locations where you are interested in working.

About Fast Food Job Applications

Identify Job Opportunities

If you want to increase your chances of being hired in a fast food restaurant, you need to develop a systematic plan for identifying open positions and submitting applications. It's a good idea to start by making a list of all of the restaurants located in the area where you would like to work.

Find Out How to Apply

Prioritize the restaurants on your list, noting the locations where you would most like to work. Then, visit or call the restaurants that rate highest on your priority list and ask about open positions and how to apply. Many quick-serve dining establishments will accept applications even if there are no immediate openings, so they have a good applicant pool to choose from when positions do become available.

Submit Application Paperwork

Once you find out how to apply, you'll need to complete an application for every location that you'd like to be considered for employment. Many people mistakenly believe that there is a centralized database where individuals, who are seeking any type of fast food employment, can apply, but this is not the case. You'll need to fill out a separate application for every place you are interested in working.

Each restaurant chain has its own application form, and hires only from the pool of people who submit appropriate documentation. Keep in mind that most fast food chains actually operate as franchises. This means that eateries with the same brand name in your city may actually have different owners. Hiring practices and application forms may not be the same from one location to another. Consequently, you should not assume that just because you've applied for one particular location you'll be considered for employment at other restaurants that bear the same name.

Some fast food restaurants offer online employment applications, while others require potential employees to apply in person. Several companies accept either form of application. In those cases, it's a good idea to ask the store manager or an employee which method of applying is preferred.

Filling Out Applications for Fast Food Employment

Fast food restaurants typically receive many more applications than they have available positions, so it's important to make sure that your application stands out in a positive way. When managers review applications, they are evaluating the documents to determine which candidates they will interview.

Apply for Fast Food Employment

People who submit applications, which are incomplete, messy, or difficult to read, are not likely to be granted an interview. It's up to you to make sure that the fast food job applications you complete are accurate. In addition, you want to submit an application that portrays you in the best light possible. Doing so will insure that the managers who review it will feel that inviting you to interview will be a good use of their time.

Whether you apply online or complete a paper application, it is essential to answer all of the questions honestly. Including false information on a job application will not only hurt your chances for employment, but it may also jeopardize your position should you get hired. Fast food restaurant hiring managers are skilled at assessing job applications and are often able to spot false information right away. Even if falsehoods aren't obvious, the truth typically comes to light when a pre-employment background screening is performed.

Practice Ahead of Time

If you're new to the process of filling out employment applications, it's a good idea to practice before you complete an actual application form. It can be beneficial to fill out a blank employment form before you start job hunting, so that you'll have easy access to all the information you need when you are working on real employment paperwork.

Websites where you can find completed example job application forms include:

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