Fast Hiring Jobs

Fast hiring jobs

The overall health of the job market typically dictates the speed at which companies hire new employees, but there are some industries that consistently have fast hiring jobs. The ideal of rapid recruiting has also spawned a niche category of quick-hire job search websites, although speedy recruitment is more of a branding tactic and marketing claim than a reality on these sites.

Popular Marketing Claim

Indeed, quick hiring is becoming a popular mantra among recruitment destinations online. Sites promising swift recruiting appear to be proliferating through affiliate programs run by larger job search portals such as Career Builder, Dice, Indeed, and Monster. There are also a growing number of basic job search engines that spider through job listings on the aforementioned portals, community boards like Craigslist and employer websites.

Fast Promises

Some of the job search websites playing up the theme of fast hiring jobs include:

  • Jobs HQ: Here's a very simply designed search engine for job listings, but you need to input basic information about yourself before you can see any search results.
  • Snagajob: Search for jobs by a variety of criteria, lincluding "Urgently Hiring."
  • ZipRecruiter: Another site that promotes quick hiring, you can filter your search with a variety of settings, including employment types, salaries, distance, and more.

Bear in Mind

Sites with the quick recruitment theme have special appeal to people who've been unemployed for a long stretch of time. The number of people in this predicament has grown during the most recent downturn in the job market, so it's hardly a surprise that quick-hire promises are rising on the Internet.

Fast Hiring Jobs

While the websites promising swift recruitment may not always come through on their promises, there are a few trades and professions that tend to hire more quickly than others. Positions that pay hourly or are temporary in duration usually have quicker recruitment timeframes. Jobs that don't require college degrees also tend to get filled faster.

Quick Hire Categories

The types of positions benefiting from faster-than-average recruitment include:

  • Carpentry and construction
  • Cleaning and custodial work
  • Customer service and call-center representatives
  • Food service staff
  • Retail sales

Manage Expectations

In any type of employment market, quick hiring is something that job seekers want most and that employers try to refrain from doing for the most part. When you need work, it seems like the offers never come fast enough. Employers, on the other hand, receive so many applications that it takes a long time to process them all. Jobseekers would do well to be scrupulous about any opportunity that promises to hire quickly. At least consider the possibility that a promised quick hire may be too good to be true.

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Fast Hiring Jobs