Foster Parent Recruiter Telecommute Position

Foster care telecommute

A foster parent recruiter telecommute position is one of the most important jobs in social services. Couples care for displaced children, bringing them into loving homes rather than institutions. Many organizations are in desperate need for caring individuals to care for children in need.

Foster Care

Foster care differs from adoption because it is a temporary arrangement for children who do not have safe home environments. Adoption is a legal agreement that transfers parental responsibilities from the biological parents to the adoptive couple. Legal responsibilities of the adoptive couple are the same as those of birth parents.

When children are placed in foster care, the caretakers take on parental responsibilities temporarily. At-risk kids are removed from their birth parents' care for a number of reasons.

  • Neglect
  • Emotional abuse
  • Physical abuse
  • Sexual abuse

In more than half of the cases, children are returned to their birth families. Parents receive counseling and support during the time that their kids are in foster care.


Many foster children reside with relatives or group facilities while their birth parents receive guidance and counseling. In some cases, children live with foster parents who may adopt the kids if parents are found to be unfit after receiving help.

Foster Parent Recruiter Telecommute Position

A recruiting position can be a telecommunication job for some organizations. Employees may contact potential foster families by telephone while providing encouragements and guidance in the process. Agencies that work with foster care may require telecommuting employees to attend meetings on a regular basis.

Job Description

A recruiter is responsible for contacting potential foster families while providing assistance in placement. Some organizations may require recruiters to identify potential members as well. The proper development of leads is an important aspect of finding good homes for at-risk kids.


The foster care recruiter has several duties but the most outstanding is contacting potential participants. Without families, the foster care system falls apart but there are other important responsibilities to consider as well. Job duties may include:

  • Collect data
    • Recruitment log
    • Family inquiries
    • Family responses
    • Follow-up calls
  • Communication
    • Detail foster care responsibilities
    • Provide guidance and assistance
    • Present information about the organization
  • Reports
  • Enrollment
  • Appointment setting

Duties will differ from one organization to another. However, there are certain skills that are required to perform recruiter duties.

Recruiter Skills

Each organization should provide ample training for employees whether they work in the office or in a telecommuting arrangement. The ideal candidates typically have a skill set that they bring with them to the position. Necessary skills may include:

  • Organization
  • Communication
  • Sales or marketing experience
  • Counseling experience

Organization and Communication

Any telecommuting position requires excellent organizational skills because employees have to manage their time well. Data needs to be carefully organized and all documents need to be kept current. In addition to organization, recruiters should have excellent communication skills. They have to explain the foster care system and the process of becoming foster parents effectively. Communication is particularly important for recruiters who telecommute because they have to relay information to potential foster families and the organization.

Sales and Counseling

Sales and marketing skills are crucial because the recruiter has to encourage families to participate in a very demanding position. Good people skills and an influential tone are of the utmost importance. Many couples may be on the fence about entering a foster care program. An encouraging voice can tip them in the right direction. Counseling skills are important as well. Recruiters who have a strong background in psychology or counseling have an ability to provide guidance and support as they promote their cause.

Foster Care Contacts

Anyone interested in a foster parent recruiter telecommute position should contact the social services offices in their local area. More information is available in the following resources:

Administration for Children & Families is a division of the US Department of Health and Human Services that is dedicated to helping families. The organization serves as a hub for people to find local and state, private and local agencies that provide services. The AFC also provides guidance, information and funding for various programs.

Child Welfare Information Gateway is another excellent resource that offers a list of child welfare organizations organized by state. The site also offers a search engine for private agencies in the National Foster Care & Adoption Directory.

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Foster Parent Recruiter Telecommute Position