Free Examples of Job Descriptions

Job Descriptions

Free job descriptions are incredibly valuable when you're looking for a new job, considering new career paths, and finding out more about the skills and education you need in order to pursue a specific type of job.

Three Resources for Sample Descriptions

While you could always go to the library or the bookstore to flip through books that thoroughly cover the different aspects of any career field and get a good idea of what a specific job entails, you can sit back in a comfortable chair and do a little searching on your own via the Internet. You'll get quick results, various sources so that you can compare details, and reading the descriptions is free.

1. United States Bureau of Labor is a great resource for those in the United States. With the featured annual Occupational Outlook Handbook you'll get information not only about what you would do on the job, but about the likely earnings, the skills and education required, how likely it will be to find a job in that field, and working conditions. You can search for occupations, browse by field, or browse by alphabet. You also get search tips and information about the job market broken down by state.

2. O-Net Online

O-Net Online allows you to search or browse through occupations and find free descriptions of the duties involved with those jobs. You can browse through in-demand industries, job families, or by your strong skills, knowledge, or abilities. This tool not only gives you job descriptions, but also assists you in matching up your experience and natural abilities to jobs, then explains what those jobs are like.


CareerPlanner allows you to search for job titles alphabetically. You won't necessarily find educational requirements, salary expectations, or how the job market for a particular occupation is here. However, you will find the job title, job overview, and main duties.

Using Job Descriptions in Your Career Search

Take advantage of free job descriptions. You may find that you can apply for that position you assumed you were underqualified for. You may also save yourself some time if you are not qualified for a position or just not interested in the tasks that would be included in the job description. You won't have to print another copy of your resume and create a cover letter for that particular job. When you're searching for a job, don't underestimate the value of a little additional research.

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Free Examples of Job Descriptions