Good Summer Jobs for Teens

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Good summer jobs for teens offer an opportunity to have fun while earning valuable experience in the process. Many choices for summertime employment are obvious while others can be very surprising.

Resources for Teens Looking for Summer Work

Student Temporary Employment Program (STEP) - The jobs in this program do not have to relate to the student's major or career objectives, which makes it an ideal choice for students who do not have specific plans for future careers.

Student Career Experience Program (SCEP) - Is a goal-oriented program that allows students to learn skills through work experience applicable to their career goals. The program may lead to placement after the student completes the program as well as the academic requirements.

If you are interested in the Student Educational Employment Program, find out more through the following local resources:

  • Federal agency employment office
  • School district's guidance counselor
  • Career planning and placement office

Other Resources for Finding Jobs

Get creative in you search for summer employment. Countless opportunities offer enriching work experience that can lead to a bright future in your education and career. Find more ideas for summertime work. Visit Teen Jobs for many more ideas for employment opportunities and ideas.

Summer Employment Can Be Rewarding

Work can be enjoyable if you take time to find the right position. Why spend your summer working at a job that you hate when many good summer jobs for teens are available? Planning and using resources can help you find great summertime employment for teenagers.

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Good Summer Jobs for Teens