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Healthcare IT Jobs
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Healthcare IT job search sites give you any type of job related to the information technology field, which could range from programming health related software and equipment to maintaining on-site servers to basic data entry positions. Healthcare IT job search can help match qualified workers in this field with employers who are in need of their services.

About Healthcare Job Search Sites

The interface of most healthcare job search sites is very similar to general job search websites like Hotjobs and Monster, but focus specifically on jobs n the medical industry. When you are looking for IT jobs in the healthcare business, visit an industry specific website and use the search filter to identify the specific types of jobs you are interested in.

Healthcare IT Job Search Sites

  • All Healthcare Jobs lists nursing, pharmacy and physician positions as well as IT jobs in the healthcare industry. When search, you may want to select Executive/Professional and Support Staff Jobs to find IT jobs. It's free to make an account and when you do you can get job postings for the specific types of job you are seeking by email.
  • Hospital Jobs Online has a good selection of IT jobs to filter through. On the main page, there is a listing of the most recent jobs posted. Next to the Recent Jobs box, there is a Quick Job Search section where you can seek jobs by state, job title search, keyword or zip code. Keyword and Zip Code are option fields, but if you are only willing to work in your area, fill in the zip code to narrow down the search results. However, for IT jobs, don't fill in the keyword field because if you type in "IT" or "computer" or something related, the results may be for positions that are not even close to IT or computers. Instead, select your state and, from the Job Title Search drop-down menu choose options like "Other" or "Other Positions" under each type of section. There is a list of sections under the Healthcare IT section, so choose that first, but if you don't find something, try the above tactic.
  • Health Careers initial page is organized by a Browse section and a Search section. On the left, you have to do your own deductions on where the Healthcare IT jobs are located, but most will be in the "Administration/Operations" portion, but also browse through the other sections. For an easier time, use the Search bar and try terms like "healthcare IT," "computer," or even "database management," and "server maintenance." The website also has many articles to read and lists conferences you can attend to get better acquainted with your field or network with others.
  • Health Jobs USA has a lot of information on networking, licensing, relocating and more. You can do a standard search, which includes by state, job category and position or you can do an advanced search that lets you use keywords or jobs within a certain distance from any Zip Code. If there is a company you want to work for, you can search by company to see if they have any IT jobs available.

Don't Forget Local

Relying solely on the healthcare IT Job search sites look for job openings could cause you to miss local jobs, especially if those providers or hospitals don't post jobs on any websites. Visit the websites (if available) of any local healthcare facilities where you are interested in working or make sure to check the paper occasionally so that the one job you're perfect for doesn't slip under the radar.

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Healthcare IT Job Search Sites