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How do you calculate unemployment compensation? Unemployment compensation is a benefit that provides aid to individuals who have lost their job through no fault of their own. However, the amount of unemployment an individual may be able to receive is dependent on a number of factors.

Unemployment Compensation Amounts

Unemployment compensation, which is also unemployment insurance benefits, is funds for those workers no longer employed. In order to collect these funds, individuals need to meet eligibility requirements. These requirements vary from state to state. The state's department of labor generally governs unemployment compensation. You will need to check your state's unemployment office to determine your level of eligibility.

One of the factors used to determine if you qualify for unemployment compensation is the amount you earned while you were working. The amount you receive depends on the amount you earned. The length of time you worked at that position also is important. Most states require that individuals be working for a certain number of weeks to qualify for unemployment compensation.

There are other requirements you must meet as well, including:

  • Be totally or partially unemployed
  • Meet base period wage requirements
  • Be activity looking for work
  • Be physically able to work
  • Lose your job based on factors beyond your control
  • Be available to immediately accept work that is offered to you

If you do not agree with the amount you are granted through unemployment compensation, you can appeal the ruling. This allows for an official to take a secondary look at your income and qualifications.

How Do You Calculate Unemployment Compensation State By State

Visit your state's unemployment office website. There, you will find a link to apply for unemployment compensation. It is here that you will enter information about your previous work experience and submit information regarding the amount of money you earned. Most states have automated this process to make it possible to apply for unemployment compensation right on the website. However, in most cases, you will not learn the amount you can get until after you file the claim.

Factors Affecting Compensation

The amount of unemployment compensation you receive is dependent on a variety of factors. Each person's claim is unique and treated as such. There are also state minimums and maximums in place. In California, for example, the minimum weekly benefit to qualified individuals is $40. The maximum weekly benefit is $450. The information that employers report to the government for each employee is to calculate the amount of weekly benefits you may earn.

Calculating Unemployment Benefits

Each state also has a base period. This is a specific 12-month period. The wages earned during the base period averaged to determine the earnings of the individual. You will not likely receive all of the money you made during your base period. Rather, you are likely to receive a percentage of this amount.

  • Why You Lost Your Job: Why you lost your job, will affect your eligibility for benefits. You must have lost your job through no fault of your own. If you were fired for any reason, you may not be able to claim unemployment. If you were laid off, on the other hand, this may be an option for you.
  • Maintain Eligibility: In addition, it is important for individuals to maintain eligibility for unemployment compensation each week that they claim benefits. You must be physically able to work, available to work and activity looking for work. Most states require that individuals file a claim once every week, every other week or based on other periods.
  • Training: Some states reward those who are training for a job by providing them with easier qualifications for unemployment compensation. In California, for example, individuals who are enrolled in approved training need not be looking for work during this time.

How do you calculate unemployment compensation from this information? The government in your state uses a complex algorithm to determine how much you are qualified to receive. For an immediate answer, visit your unemployment office today to learn what benefits you might be eligible to receive.

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How Do You Calculate Unemployment Compensation