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The Illinois Department of Employment Security provides a wide range of services to the state's unemployed workers, job seekers and employers.

An Overview of The Illinois Department of Employment Security

The Department of Employment Security of Illinois, called the IDES, is the agency in charge of the various aspects of the workforce services provided by the state. Although the IDES may be best known in Illinois as the agency that administers the state's unemployment insurance program, it also provides many other valuable services, including:

  • Job placement assistance
  • Training programs
  • Employer staff assistance
  • Publications that analyze the economy, job market and career situations in Illinois

llinois Unemployment Insurance

The Illinois unemployment insurance program provides assistance to workers that lose their jobs through no fault of their own. The program provides these workers with temporary income to help them as they look for new employment. Individuals can file an unemployment insurance claim by going to an IDES office or an Illinois WorkNet Center in their area or they can file for their benefits online.

Employment Services and Resources

The IDES provides many resources to link employers with prospective employees. The agency hosts special employment events and job fairs, provides assistance with resume preparation and offers workshops on effective job search skills. They also provide specialized assistance to veterans and people re-entering the job market. Some of the additional services provided by the IDES include:

  • The use of computers with access to the Internet and the use of fax machines
  • Assistance in filing an unemployment benefits appeal including free legal services to qualifying individuals and small businesses
  • Special services for assisting youths looking for their first full time, part time or summer job
  • Information and assistance on filing taxes for people that hire household employees

The agency also provides special services to employers including:

  • Tax credits for hiring workers that are disadvantaged
  • Staff assistance on a one-to-one basis to match perspective employees to their companies
  • Online tax filing
  • Tips on how to prepare for an appeal hearing
  • Mass hiring for new business locations and business startups
  • Space at the IDES buildings for recruitment events
  • Information and resources to assist employers with staying in compliance with the Illinois Unemployment Insurance Act.

Illinois Workforce and Careers Information and Resources

The Department of Employment Security gathers and analyzes extensive information on the general workforce, career information and the overall economy of the state. The information is made available in publications and online at the IDES website One Source. The following are the areas of information included at One Source.

The Illinois Career Resource Network

The Career Resource Network is the perfect resource for anyone exploring different career opportunities. Specialized products and tools are provided that are age appropriate for adults, high school students and younger students to help determine an appropriate career path.

Labor Market Information

The section on labor market information includes program statistics and publications. In addition to employment statistics, the information includes wages, job forecast and demographic characteristics. This information helps to keep the government and general public aware of current and future economic trends on national, state and local levels. The information also helps job seekers make educated career choices.

The Workforce Information Center

The Workforce Information Center provides historical and current information on the labor market and workforce. They also provide individuals with career services, education and training.

Learn More Earn More

This section of Open Source includes information on expected top jobs in the state based on the number of prospective job openings for the coming year. The jobs are organized by their training and educational requirements.

Green Jobs

One Source provides a link to the years current Green Jobs. Included in this section are:

  • Links to green job boards
  • Background reports
  • Green education programs
  • Green career ideas
  • Resources

To contact the IDES call - 1-888-367-4382 or visit their website at Illinois Department of Employment Security.

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Illinois Department of Employment Security