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Looking for internatioanl employment opportunities? Here are related questions from Love To Know Jobs' readers and responses from our resident expert. If you don't see what you need here, submit your own question via Ask the Jobs Expert.

Past Ask the Jobs Expert Questions

I have recently returned from Ethiopia, and would like to work there in some capacity, helping to reduce the poverty and poor living conditions. I am British and live in England. My skills are: Professionally qualified A.C.C.A. accountant. Experience in management and Director of companies. Knowledge of Retail Industry, and Drainage Industry. Computer literate. Good communication skills, including Lecturing and Public Speaking. Current status, Age 53, Divorced, Christian, and willing to relocate. Most of the UN jobs require experience of working abroad, how do I get started?

~~Thank you, Nigel Henson

Expert Reply

Dear Nigel,

Your desire to help improve living conditions in Ethopia is quite admirable. If you're interested in working in Ethoipia, it's a good idea to make contact with organizations that provide services within the country's borders. Consider contacting the UK-based charity EthiopiaAid to discuss the best way to get involved in changing things in Ethiopia. You might also be able to get information about how you can help in Ethiopia by contacting the people in charge of the World Linkages Ethiopia project. Best of luck in your effort to make a difference in this poverty stricken country.

~~ Mary

Dear Mary, I'm Moroccan. I am 41 years old and am interesting to work in a hotel in gulf (ARABIA Saudia -QATAR) as restsaurant manager. Which steps can I follow?


Expert Reply

Dear Edriss,

The first thing you'll need to do is find out what's involved in getting a permit to work in the country where you hope to find a job. You can find details regarding how to get a Qatar work permit on the Quatar government's website. It seems that you can apply for a work permit after arriving in the country, but you'll need a local sponsor in order to be approved. Once you're fairly certain you meet the requirements for working in the country, start researching job openings in restaurants. Contact the owners to verify that they're hiring, and inquire regarding their policies on sponsoring employees from other countries. Good luck in your job search!

~~ Mary

Dear Mary, I am MBA student in athens greece looking for a full or even part time job. Any advice you could give me on how and where to look for a job...?

~~ Sam

Expert Reply

Dear Sam,

Congratulations on your decision to work on your MBA degree. LoveToKnow has assembled an in-depth article on searching for jobs in Greece. Our Job Opportunities in Greece article has several excellent resoures for locating work in your country. Since you mentioned that you are open to part-time employment, it may also benefit you to speak with your academic advisor about companies that accept students from your school as cooperative program workers or interns. Best of luck with your graduate training and job search.

~~ Mary

Dear Mary,

''I would like to know ,is it possible to get a job in libya with good salary. Presently i am working as camp supervisor in afghanistan for italian company named ES-ko international. Basically i am from india and I had worked in saudi arabia and have 15 years experience.

Can you pls provide me a job i will send my cv to you Hoping for positive reply.

~~Santo Joseph

Expert Reply

Dear Santo,

Thank you for visiting LoveToKnow Jobs. We have compiled an article specifically for people who are interested in seeking employment in Libya. See Libya Jobs for information about how to find a job in Libya. There are several links to job websites where you will find help wanted advertisements. When you visit these sites, you'll be able to identify open jobs that may match your skills and abilities, and you should send your cv to the employers that interest you, per the instructions in each job posting.

~~ Mary

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