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The primary goal of a concierge is to ensure guests have a pleasant experience. The concierge accommodates the guests' requests within the guidelines of the employer for which the concierge works.

A Concierge Assists Guests

Concierges are typically employed by the travel industry. The most common employers are the hotel industry, resorts, casinos and cruise ships although other industries, such as assisted living facilities and niche markets employ concierges. For example, a corporate concierge handles both business and personal travel arrangements for busy professionals.

A concierge is always polite, flexible and accommodating. The concierge should be knowledgeable about the company and what it offers to guests. In addition, he or she is familiar with local businesses, venues and special events and listens to the requests made by guests, offering solutions or recommendations tailored to their needs.

While completing post-secondary training in the hospitality and tourism industry may help prepare an individual for this type of job, formal training is not necessary. Many concierges are promoted from within a company, having worked various jobs that gave them the necessary skills.

Communication Skills

The most important skill needed in order to be a concierge is communication. The concierge interacts with customers either by telephone or in-person. A large aspect of communication is the ability to listen and evaluate. He or she must learn to not only listen to what the customer is saying, but also what isn't being said. Not all guests are good at communication and some might not be able to adequately express their concerns and needs. It's the concierge's responsibility to read between the lines and ask the right questions.

Other skills that a concierge should have include:

  • Customer service: A concierge needs the ability to meet and exceed guests' expectations and provide services they need.
  • Manage schedules and people: Keep up with guest schedules and remind guests of appointments.
  • Multi-tasking skills: Concierges must be able to do several things with constant interruptions.
  • Organizational: Organization is a must for someone in this position.
  • Problem solving: Concierges face all kinds of problems and issues and must readily solve these to the satisfaction of guests.
  • Recordkeeping: May need to maintain guest records and supervise hotel staff members.

Center for Information

Concierge Desk

The guests look upon the concierge as a font of information. Regardless of information available through technology, many people prefer the personal touch of a concierge being available. The concierge has a wide range of resources available to guests. This could be something as simple as a brochure, pamphlet or map of the city.

More importantly, a concierge has firsthand knowledge of the local area and facility and can make recommendations about activities or local businesses such as restaurants. Some guest requests are simple, such as directions to a particular event or area in the city.

Travel Plans

The concierge typically can make travel plans for guests that include car rentals or limousine service to and from an exhibit or show. Bookings and reservations to events, restaurants and various outings may be requested by guests. Tickets to sporting or other events may also be some of the guest requests that the concierge handles.

Catering to Guests

Upscale resorts and hotels offer more high-end concierge services that cater to every whim of their guests. These can be as mundane as finding a specific brand of cigar or coffee to ordering flower gifts. Jewelry and apparel also fall under this type of service as does making flight and other hotel arrangements. Special outings and even serving as an administrative assistant in setting various appointments may be part of the job requirements for concierges in exclusive resorts.

Where to Find Concierge Jobs

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the annual income range for a concierge is between $29,030 to $43,070, depending on the industry and location. To start your search for concierge jobs, you may want to visit the hospitality section of popular job listings including:

You should also look for concierge jobs directly with employers.

Being a concierge can be an exciting and challenging position. If you enjoy helping people and you have a knack for getting things done, this can be an excellent career choice.

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Job Description for Concierge