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A single job description for Healthcare IT is hard to nail down because there are so many different types of IT jobs you can undertake in the healthcare industry. The bottom line is that a job in IT in general will deal with computers in some way. How in-depth the interaction is depends on the nature of the job.

What Kind of Healthcare IT Jobs are Out There?

Almost anything goes when you're looking for a job description for healthcare IT jobs. If it has something to do with computers, then you can expect the job to be in IT. The exceptions, of course, are jobs that use computers for basic duties, like data entry or scheduling appointments, or are part of the positions inherent job like nurses or assistants.

Job Description for Healthcare IT Positions

Some of the more common IT jobs are listed below, along with a basic job description of what you can expect to do in that job. No matter which healthcare IT job you look at, most will require hospital or clinical environment experience with some clinical computer experience. The amount of experience depends on the job and the company.

Systems Analyst or Senior Systems Analyst

You'll find jobs for Systems Analysts more frequently than other types of IT jobs, mainly because analysts often take on an "everything" role. Systems Analysts assist in purchasing the right computes to do a job, selecting the best software for the job, and making a multi-computer business or clinic or hospital run on an efficient network, whether that's wired or wireless or both.

This position also requires continuous monitoring computer equipment and software for failures, malfunctions, misuse. People who hold this type of job are involved in recommending what needs to be done with it's time to upgrade or find additional computers. Besides being able to interface with technology, Systems Analysts need to be people-oriented and have great communication skills.

Database Manager

Database Managers compile and maintain records of patients for a hospital, nursing home or clinic. In this type of job, you will most likely be doing report writing, data entry, and researching to verify if information is correct rather than dealing with the hardware portion of computers. Some programming might be required, depending on the company, because coding is necessary to make the information pass from one computer to another or to sort the data efficiently. Depending on the system you are using, you may need to know how to program in Access or SQL and you may need to know how to use Crystal Reports to create reports.

Networking Specialist

People who work in the computer networking aspect of information technology are responsible for creating a map of computers for a hospital, clinic or other healthcare industry building and letting them "talk" to each other. Records and other patient files can be accessed from any computer from anywhere in the building. Some computers are wired, some are wireless, but what they all have in common is that they communicate flawlessly with each other. Networking specialists monitor and maintain computer networks, ensuring the computers, networking equipment (like routers, hubs, and switches) and cabling work at all times. They set up new computers on the network and assist the staff in working on the network.

Software Programmer

For the healthcare industry, software programming is a highly specialized position. Many clinics, providers and hospitals have unique programs installed on their computers that keep records, interpret data and hold databases. Being a software programmer doesn't just mean you are working on basic computer. You could also get a job programming software for CAT scan machines or X-Ray equipment; or if you are a genius in the robotic field, you might program software to run a robot that can do open-heart surgery!

Education and Experience

No matter what job description for healthcare IT interests you the most, having the right education and professional IT certification credentials can get you in the door to learn, while experience can help you get the dream IT job you've always wanted.

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Job Description for Healthcare IT