Jobs in Norway

Jobs In Norway

If you're interested in working overseas in a climate that is both scenic and very cold, looking for jobs in Norway might be a good choice for you.

How to Get Norwegian Work Authorization

There are two ways foreigners can gain authorization to live and work in Norway. The most common type of Norwegian work permit is the Work and Residence Visa. In order to receive this type of Visa, an individual must have a formal work agreement that is sponsoring his or her relocation to Norway. People who are in Norway with a Visitor's Visa may stay in the country while their work permit is being processed, but cannot begin work until the proper permit is processed and approved.

Individuals who have specialized skill in short demand in the Norwegian labor market are often granted Specialist status. Individuals who meet the requirements to receive this type of work permit can be granted immediate temporary approval to work in the country while their Work and Residence Visa is being processed.

English Language Announcements for Jobs in Norway

  • Craig's List Norway: Employers post all types of job vacancies on Craig's List Norway. Postings can change on a daily basis, so check the site regularly when you are looking for work in the country.
  • This site posts openings for nanny positions around the world, including jobs in Norway.
  • Oil and Gas Job Search: This site specializes in advertising open positions in the oil and gas industry. This industry is booming in Norway, so this is a field where job openings are likely to be plentiful.
  • Jobnorge: Jobnorge matches individuals seeking jobs in Norway with companies who are recruiting employees for various types of positions.
  • Learn 4 Good: Learn 4 Good posts job vacancy announcements for a variety of positions around the world. Postings are nation specific, so you can limit your search to jobs in Norway or research openings in several nations that interest you.
  • Match Work: MatchWork is a multi-national employment service. The firm works with individuals of every nationality, and has offices in Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Norway, and the United Kingdom.
  • Microsoft: International IT powerhouse Microsoft hires people to work in various types of positions in Norway. Opportunities with Microsoft's Norwegian operations include:
    • Administrative Positions
    • Consulting Opportunities
    • Finance Jobs
    • Internet and New Media Development
    • Technical Support Representatives
  • This website features job postings for openings in Norway's booming oil and gas industry.
  • Paragon Consultancy Services: Paragon is a recruitment service matching engineers and others with experience in the oil and gas industry with Norwegian employers.
  • On this website, you'll find advertisements for all types of employment opportunities in Norway. You can register to receive email alerts every time a new Norwegian position that matches your skills is added to the website.

Job Postings for Those Who Speak Norwegian

Relocating to Norway

Once you find a job in Norway, your next step will be finding a place to live in the country so you can complete your relocation. Doorway to Norway is a Norwegian company that specializes in helping individuals from other countries move to Norway.

The owners of Doorway to Norway are expatriates who have lived in the country for a number of years. They are very familiar with the excitement, stresses, and challenges of moving from one country to another. Doorway to Norway is dedicated to helping make the moving process go as smoothly as possible.

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Jobs in Norway