Jobs with a Biology Degree

Jobs with a Biology Degree

Are you interested in finding about jobs for a biology degree? Whether you already have your degree or if you are thinking about majoring in biology, there are many different types of jobs available to you. Learn more about some of the options!

Medical Lab Technician

Biology majors are often employed to work in clinical medical lab settings, performing diagnostic and research duties.

Scientific Research Technician

There are also opportunities for biology majors to work in scientific research laboratories. Positions may be available with government agencies, manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, and other types of businesses.

Forester/Forest Ranger

There are numerous opportunities for biology majors who are interested in working with trees. The National Forest Service employ biology majors to work as foresters, who monitor and maintaining the health and sustainability of trees located on forest lands. The National Park Service and various state park systems hire forest rangers and park rangers to protect their lands and to educate people about them.

Veterinary Assistant

Individuals with biology degrees sometimes work as veterinary assistants or technicians. Additional licensing may be required to perform this type of work in some states.

Environmental Management

Biology majors often go to work in environmental management positions. This type of work often involves working for a government agency, such as the Environmental Protection Agency, or a nonprofit organization with a conservation mission, like Oceana or Ducks Unlimited.

Science Teacher

With additional training in education and a state teaching certificate, biology majors can become science teachers.

Allied Health Professions

A biology degree can be the starting point for work in many allied health professions. Additional licensure and/or graduate degree requirements apply for many jobs in healthcare.

Pharmaceutical Sales Rep

Individuals with biology degrees who also have sales skills may find success working as pharmaceutical representatives.

Additional Biology Job Options

These are just a few ideas for jobs with a biology degree. For more possible professions, see:

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Jobs with a Biology Degree