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Lowes Employment

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Is Lowe's employment right for you?

There are many different opportunities for individuals interested in Lowe's employment. Whether you're interested in working in one of the stores, in a distribution center, or in the corporate headquarters, there are plenty of excellent career opportunities with this large and successful corporation.

Lowe's Employment Opportunities in Stores

There are numerous job opportunities in each Lowe's store, including:

  • Assembler - Those who are employed as Lowe's assemblers are responsible for assembling products for store display and sales.
  • Cash Office Clerk - Individuals who hold this position are responsible for working behind the scenes, ensuring the accuracy of receipts and payment transaction and making sure all monies are secure.
  • Credit/SOS Coordinator - This position involves overseeing builder, contractor, and corporate credit accounts. People who hold this position handle new account approvals and take care of receivables and collections of existing accounts. They also deal with returned checks and take care of follow up related to special orders.
  • HR Manager - The store's Human Resources manager is responsible for interviewing and training employees, as well as performing all other HR functions.
  • Loss Prevention Specialist - Those who work as Loss Prevention specialists are responsible for protecting inventory and other company assets, as well as ensuring the safety of staff members and customers.
  • Manager - There are many Lowe's employment opportunities for individuals interested in working in managerial jobs. Each store has several managers, each of whom is responsible for specific functions, employees, and/or departments. Managerial jobs available at Lowe's include:
    • Administrative Manager
    • Administration Department Manager
    • Delivery Department Manager
    • Receiving/Stocking Department Manager
    • Operations Manager
    • Store Loss Prevention and Safety Manager
    • Sales Floor Zone Manager
  • Product Service Associate - Individuals who hold these types of positions are responsible for a variety of tasks within their stores, including keeping merchandise displayed according to plan-o-gram (POG), taking pictures of assembled product sets, facing displays, etc.

Distribution Network Employmet

If you're interested in working in logistics or warehousing, seeking Lowe's employment in the company's distribution network might be a good option for you. Individuals who work in this part of the company's operations are involved in the complex process of making sure that products get from manufacturers to the stores, and ultimately to consumers, in an efficient and effective manner. Distribution network employment opportunities included positions in the following types of centers, located across the U.S:

  • Regional Distribution Centers
  • Flatbed Distribution
  • Specialized Distribution Centers
  • Millwork Locations

Corporate Headquarters Job Opportunities

There are corporate Lowe's employment opportunities for individuals with skills in various areas of business operations. Corporate jobs include:

  • Accounting & Finance - There are many corporate jobs with Lowe's that will appeal to people interested in working with money, including:
    • Corporate Accounting
    • Corporate Trade Payables
    • External Reporting & Accounting Policy
    • General Accounting
    • Internal Audit
    • International Accounting
    • Product Accounting
  • Business Development - Positions that fall under the category of Business Development are those that relate to determining, developing, and pursing opportunities for the company to grow. Positions include:
    • Engagement Manager
    • Manager, Strategic Planning
  • Contact Center - Individuals who work in the company's contact center are responsible for providing customer service and support to Lowe's customers via telephone, mail, and e-mail. Positions inlcudue:
    • Customer Support
    • Communications and Research
    • Outbound Survey
    • Store Support
  • Information Technology - Individuals who work in this area of Lowe's corporate operations are involved in various aspects of the company's technology solutions, including telecommunications, hardware, software, and more.
    • Business Solutions
    • IT Engineering
    • IT Operations
    • IT Strategy
  • Installed Sales - Lowe's employs Regional Installed Sales Directors and Area Installation Managers who are responsible for the oversight of market-specific installers and building business in the installed sales arena.
  • Logistics - Individuals who work in this aspect of business operations are responsible for specific parts of the essential process of getting the products where they need to be, when they need to be there, efficiently and effectively. Corporate positions in Logistics include:
    • Industrial Engineer
    • Inventory Manager
    • Inventory Specialist
    • Logistics Planning Manager
  • Marketing and Advertising - Those who work in marketing and advertising are responsible for corporate branding, advertising, and sales. Lowe's has marketing positions in the following areas of specialty:
    • Consumer Marketing
    • Product Marketing
    • Trend Forecasting and Design
  • Merchandising - Merchandisers are responsible for coordinating between vendors and store personnel, verifying that products are displayed appropriately and effectively. Merchandising positions available with Lowe's include:
    • Merchandiser
    • Merchandising Assistant
    • Merchandising Director
    • Merchandising Vice President
  • Real Estate - Individuals who work for the Lowe's Real Estate division are directly involved in the company's ambitious growth and expansion plans. Real Estate employment opportunities with Lowe's include:
    • Design Manager
    • Project Manager
    • Property Management
    • Real Estate Manager
    • Site Development Manager

    Applying for Lowe's Employment

    If you're interested in seeking employment with Lowe's, you can search and apply online for open store, corporate or distribution center positions.
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Lowes Employment