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If you are in between jobs, consider looking to Manpower temp employment for help. You can make some money while looking for a permanent position and some workers hired for short-term assignments end up being hired by the employer on a full-time basis.

Why Work Through a Temp Agency

There are many circumstances where a person may be drawn to working through a temp agency. Consider the following examples:

  • Students or recent grads who want to earn money while searching for a job in their field.
  • People who have recently moved to an area who want to get an idea of what the local employment market is like and who a good potential employer is.
  • Someone who has been out of work and needs to find employment quickly because their unemployment benefits have run out.
  • Anyone who wants or needs flexibility in their work schedule, due to family or educational responsibilities.

Advantages to Working Through a Temp Agency

Working through an agency, such as Manpower temp employment, gives the worker the chance to try different employment options they may not have originally considered. Since they are employed by the agency, as opposed to working for a company directly, the worker doesn't have to stay in an environment where they don't feel they are a good fit.

A parent who has young children at home and who wants to have the freedom to take school holidays off may want to consider working through a temporary agency. People who are members of the "Sandwich Generation" and are caring for elderly parents as well as minor children may find committing to a full-time job for one employer to be too demanding. Since temporary workers only work when it's convenient for them, this work option gives them maximum flexibility in their work.

A person who is planning to move in the near future or who has recently relocated to a new city may want to contact some temp agencies to get work. The person who is making a move may not want to commit to a permanent job if he or she will be leaving shortly thereafter, but taking one or more temporary assignments can be a good way to stay busy and earn money until it's time to pack up and physically move. The person who has recently moved can pick up some work until they get established in the new city and this strategy can help them get a proverbial foot in the door at a great company.

Temping Your Way to a Permanent Job

An employer may prefer to hire someone from an agency, such as Manpower temp employment, to fill in for vacationing staff or during peak times. The temporary worker is in a unique position to see how the company is run and whether it would be a good fit for him or her. The worker can also show the employer what kind of employee he or she would make, and more than one person placed by an agency has found themselves receiving an offer of employment when the temporary assignment has been completed.

Finding Work with Manpower Temp Employment

Manpower has been helping people find work since 1948. The firm operates more than 4,000 offices in 82 countries worldwide. Manpower placed three million people in a combination of full-time, part-time and contract positions in 2009.

Visitors to the Manpower web site can select the country where they would like to work on the Jobs page. Candidates can choose keywords and up to five locations to conduct an online search for jobs. They can also create an online account with Manpower and upload their resume to receive notifications when a job matching their qualifications is posted.

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