Maritime Industry Jobs

Maritime Employment

Are you looking for employment in the maritime industry? The maritime industry is growing rapidly, and there are many opportunities for those who have the skills necessary to work in this field. Opportunities are available on tug boats, tankers, cruise ships, and many other types of sea and oceangoing vessels.

Where to Find Maritime Job Listings

Geographically Targeted Job Search

When looking for employment in the maritime industry, it is logical to concentrate your job search efforts in geographic areas located along the waterfront. Most cities located along the Gulf of Mexico, Atlantic Ocean, and Pacific Ocean in the United States have active, working waterfronts rich in opportunity for those interested in working in the maritime industry.

If you would like to live in a particular area, it is a good idea to check help wanted advertisements for maritime job opportunities in the region. For example, if you are interested in living and working in Mobile, AL, visit to find online listings for all the Help Wanted advertisements posted in the city's newspaper. It's likely that you'll be able to find a similar resource for all major port cities.

Employment Agencies

Because there is such a large demand for workers in the maritime industry, there are a number of employment agencies that specialize in matching skilled maritime workers with employers. Examples of employment services specializing in maritime recruiting include:

  • All American Marine: Theodore, Alabama employment service that specializes in marine industry placement.
  • Alliance Marine Services: Houston, Texas employment agency that recruits for various marine clients.
  • Ghirardi Marine Agency: Maritime-focused employment agency based in Morgan City, Louisiana.
  • Marine Resources: UK-based maritime recruitment service ideal for skilled marine workers interested in working overseas.

Online Job Boards

There are also a variety of online job boards that list jobs in the maritime industry available throughout the country, and even around the world. If you want to work in the maritime field, but don't have a specific home base in mind, these websites can help you locate all types of employment opportunities:

  • Online resource to find maritime employment opportunities; search open positions and subscribe to job alert emails
  • Search maritime industry job openings and post your resume so that recruiters can find you.
  • Listings of both seagoing and shore-side positions to search; resume posting is also available

Preparing for Advancement in the Maritime Industry

If you are looking to advance within the maritime field, consider completing a formal training program or earning an advanced certification.

Career Training Programs

Many organizations specialize in providing training designed to help maritime professionals prepare for career advancement. If you are interested in moving up within the profession, consider enrolling in a program of study with an industry-focused training provider. Examples include:

  • Northeast Maritime: Study to advance your maritime career in Fairhaven, Massachusetts or at an approved off-site location in the Commonwealth of Dominica.
  • Sea School: Comprehensive maritime training academy based in Mobile, Alabama.
  • Workboat Academy: Prepare to work as a Mate on tugboats, research vessels and supply vessels in Seattle, Washington or Baltimore, Maryland.

Coast Guard Licensure

Many jobs in the maritime industry require United States Coast Guard licensure. You can find testing centers and download application forms for the various USCG licensing exams from the Coast Guard's Merchant Mariner Licensing and Documentation web page.

Some approved maritime courses are approved to count toward licensure in lieu of testing. This means that individuals who successfully complete such courses will receive their credentials without having to sit for an exam. Before registering for a class, be sure to verify whether or not you will have to take an exam before you receive a recognized license or add-on credential.

FCC Certification

Positions that involve operating marine radios and radar systems require FCC licensure. You can find details about FCC licensure, including specific tests and exam centers in your area on the National Association for Radio, Telecommunications, and Electromagnetics (NARTE) website.

Finding Your Ideal Maritime Job

The key to finding employment in the maritime industry is to target your search to employers that recruit for the specialized field that want to work in while making sure that you have the skills and training necessary to be considered for the types of jobs you want to perform.

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