Multicultural Career Counseling

multicultural career counseling

If you're relatively new to the United States, it's a good idea to seek multicultural career counseling before you begin looking for a job in your new country.

Seeking Multicultural Career Counseling

There are several career counseling options available to people who have recently located to the United States from other countries. Some recent immigrants find it very beneficial to personally meet with a career counselor or coach, while others prefer to seek online career assistance. Whatever method you select, what matters is that you learn how the job application, interview, and hiring process works in the U.S. before you start seeking employment.

Face to Face Career Counseling Resources

One Stop Career Centers

The Career One Stop system in the United States is an excellent resource for anyone seeking employment in the country. Funded by the U.S. Department of Labor, the Career One Stop system is designed to provide job seekers at all levels from all types of backgrounds with free job search assistance.

One Stop Career Centers are located in major cities and rural areas throughout the country. Visit the service locator page to find the office closest to you. Each local career center provides consumers with job search resources, career counseling services, information about educational opportunities, and more. When you visit your local One Stop Career Center, you'll likely be able to personally meet with a counselor who can provide you guidance regarding how to proceed with your job search in the U.S.

Private Career Coaching

If you feel you need more assistance getting prepared for your job search in America, you might want to enlist the services of a professional career coach. One of the best ways to find local career coaches in your area is to inquire at the One Stop Career Center in your town. It's likely that the staff members keep contact information for local professionals who work with job seekers. You may also be able to locate a coach by searching the Quint Careers Coaches Directory or in your local telephone directory.

Catholic Charities

Regardless of your religious background, it's a good idea to find the local Catholic Charities agency when you immigrate to the United States. This organization provides a wide variety of services designed specifically to help ease the stress of transition to life in the United States for individuals of all nationalities, faiths, and ethnicities. Each community's agency operates somewhat differently, but you'll likely find that there are volunteers standing by to help provide you with the multicultural career counseling you need to get off to a successful start as you search for employment in the U.S.

Online Career Counseling Resources

Living American

The Living American website is designed specifically to meet the needs of immigrants interested in finding jobs in the United States. You'll learn about the visa requirements for working in the U.S., as well as learn about job training programs for students and professionals from other countries. You'll also benefit from advice about writing resumes and cover letters so they are consistent with the expectations of American employers, and you'll find tips for successful job interviewing in the United States.

Career InfoNet

A service of the Department of Labor and associated with the One Stop Career Center system, America's Career InfoNet is a valuable online resource for everyone seeking United States employment assistance. You'll learn a great deal about the American job market from the detailed information provided via this website. You'll be able to access details about different occupations, including salary comparisons and credentialing requirements. Additionally, you'll be able to watch a variety of career videos, utilize online assessment and aptitude tests, and even seek online one on one career coaching.

Starting Your Job Search in the United States

When you're ready to begin looking for your first job in the U.S., it's a good idea to take advantage of the many opportunities for multicultural career counseling available to recent immigrants. Finding openings, applying for jobs, and getting through interviews in your new country is much less stressful once you know what to expect.

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Multicultural Career Counseling