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For those with the right qualifications and skills, taking advantage of NC DOT employment opportunities can be a great career option.

NC DOT Employment Opportunities

There are many different types of careers under the umbrella of the North Carolina DOT, ranging across all areas of academic study and education. Jobs at the North Carolina Department of Transportation can be interesting, versatile, and extremely satisfying.

Types of Jobs

According to the agency's website, NC DOT does much more than simply constructing roads and maintaining them for the use of the public. For example:

  • Environmental specialists with a four-year degree in agriculture or a related field are needed to inspect environmental facilities and write reports about them.
  • Marine electricians are employed to work on ferries and dredges.
  • Those with degrees and experience in urban or regional planning are often hired by NC DOT for a variety of jobs, from conducting transportation studies and planning transportation systems with local governments to evaluating multimodal transportation systems.
  • Title examining supervisors provide supervision over those who file transportation registration documents.

Other jobs, such as clerks, secretaries, and GIS technicians, are available in various areas of the state. While these job opportunities are often contingent upon education and experience, the pay easily competes with other employers in the industry.


NC DOT employment has many benefits for those interested in a career. One of the primary benefits is the paid time off offered to employees. The NC DOT offers 11 and three-quarters days per year of vacation time, 12 paid sick days, 11 holidays throughout the year (such as Christmas) for which employees are compensated, and up to three days for volunteer service. The total, over 34 possible days of leave per year, far exceeds that which most jobs offer.

Employees have health insurance options in addition to a wellness program that provides incentives for healthy living. Short-term disability after one year of service and long-term after five or more is offered to employees free of charge for their service to the organization.

NCDOT also makes regular retirement contributions, which are paid out upon retirement of an individual. Family medical and illness leave are also offered. To prevent turnover, NC DOT also offers development opportunities to employees looking to pursue further education or move up in the organization.

Applying for Jobs

Applications for North Carolina DOT employment are delivered directly to the contact person listed on the agency's website's employment section. All applications require you to complete paperwork known as the North Carolina State Government Application for Employment, or the PD107 form.

Finding More Information

For more information on NC DOT employment, visit the following links on the agency's official website.

  • Why Work at NC DOT?: This page lists the numerous benefits you'll enjoy working at NC DOT, from insurance and competitive pay to access to the best that new technology has to offer.
  • How to Apply: All of the steps of the application process are included on this portion of the website, including all of the documents you'll need for your application, as .pdf files.
  • Core Values: If you're looking to find out what NC DOT stands for, read the agency's core values statement. Integrity, diversity, and quality are just a few of the things NC DOT takes seriously when considering applicants for positions.
  • College Programs: Internships at NC DOT are available to college students who would like to pursue a career in environmental or civil engineering. Some of these student internships may be parlayed into long-term careers with NC DOT.
  • Your NCDOT Career: Here you'll find a basic overview of what employment at NC DOT is supposed to be like.

Finding a Job

At the NC DOT, a "performance culture" is encouraged to ensure productivity, and attention to quality is considered of the highest importance. Therefore, applications are encouraged from forward-thinking, career minded individuals who are qualified for the positions listed.

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