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Nurse practitioner recruiters play an important role in the healthcare industry. A nurse practitioner recruitment specialist connects qualified employees with their ideal work environment.

Why Use Nurse Practitioner Recruiters?

Nurses are in great demand, especially professionals with advanced degrees. A nurse practitioner may work in a number of different settings to provide advanced care to patients. The skilled healthcare worker may work independently or in collaboration with a physician, depending in which state she practices.

Recruitment specialists can often help qualified applicants find the positions they desire quickly. This is especially appealing to busy nurses who simply do not have time to sort through job openings. In addition, recruiters for nurse practitioners attract prestigious employers looking for the right candidate, which can make the search much easier.

Nurse Recruiting Agencies

Healthcare recruiters specializing in nursing typically work for nurse staffing agencies that connect professionals with employers. Employment services can benefit prospective employees and employers looking to for qualified candidates.


StaffPointe is a professional recruiting agency that specializes specifically in the healthcare industry. The company offers services for employers looking to fill vacancies as well as healthcare workers looking for employment.

StaffPointe allows prospective employees to create accounts and their profiles become part of the online network. Details about candidates include:

  • Name
  • Job category
  • Preferred locations
  • Availability
  • Resume
  • Salary requirements
  • Brief profile

Candidates enter their email addresses and they create passwords so they can log onto the site for custom service. Many employers are attracted to the recruiting network because it gives them maximum exposure to qualified candidates looking for work.

NPJobs specializes specifically in finding work for nurse practitioners. The site connects prospective employees to nurse practitioner recruiters who can help them find placement. NPJobs keeps a database filled with information about qualified applicants. In addition, employers can post their openings on the site and the ad is included in a NPJobs mailing list that send available positions to nurse practitioners across the United States.

To join the nurse practitioner directory, it is necessary to donate $25 to NP Central Nursing. Directory listings offer:

  • High visibility
  • Details about nursing specialty
  • Mailings options

Traveling Nurse Practitioners

Some agencies specialize in travel nursing jobs, which place nurses in hospitals across the country. Nurse practitioners desiring a change of scenery can benefit from exploring this option.

Becoming a Recruiter

Those interested in becoming nurse practitioner recruiters can benefit from meeting certain requirements. The ability to connect nurses with prospective employees can land you a job in the recruitment industry.

  • BA in business or human resources
  • Knowledge of nurse practitioner job duties
  • Knowledge about the healthcare industry
  • Federal and state laws for nursing employment
  • Employment laws and regulations
  • Equal opportunity employment

The healthcare recruiter should have excellent interpersonal skills and a background in sales can be extremely helpful in this field. Recruiters may work for a number of different organizations:

  • Temporary employment agencies
  • Rural communities
  • Military or Navy
  • Nurse recruiting agencies
  • Healthcare employment agencies

Experience in healthcare is a considerable benefit but it isn't necessary to find employment as a recruiter for nurse practitioners. The key is understanding the specific needs of the employer and the needs of the prospective employee. Matching healthcare professionals with their ideal jobs can be very rewarding, especially in areas that are in great need of help.

Rural Recruitment

Demand for nursing recruiters is high in rural areas. Many qualified professionals may miss opportunities for work in regions that are scarcely populated. Considerable challenges face recruiters working in these areas. Communities in need of qualified professionals may not always draw the best recruits.

Factors in Recruiting and Retaining Health Professionals for Rural Practice explains the obstacles recruiters face in rural regions as well as ideas for attracting prospective healthcare employees.

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