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Working with nurse staffing agencies is a great way to find full-time, part-time, temporary, and travel nursing jobs. Because nurses are in such high demand, there are a number of employment services that specialize in helping healthcare providers find skilled, credentialed professionals to meet their staffing needs. If you're a nurse searching for a new employment opportunity, you may find it very helpful to register and interview with one or more of these types of specialized personnel service providers. After all, you never know when your dream employer might ask a staffing agency to fill an open position that you wouldn't have had any way of finding out about otherwise.

3 Established Nurse Staffing Agencies

Maxim Nurses, Nursefinders, and Progressive Nursing are among the largest and most established national nurse staffing agencies.

Maxim Nurses

Maxim Nurses is a division of Maxim Healthcare Services, a national healthcare staffing company that has been providing nurse placement services since 1988. The company has branch office and clients throughout the United States, and also provides international staffing services for nurses who want to work overseas. The agency's parent company, Maxim Healthcare Services, provides placement services for many other types of clinical and administrative healthcare professionals.

You can search and apply for open nursing positions on the Maxim Nurses website. The site is designed to allow job seekers to conduct a quick search based on specialty, state, or keyword. You can also easily run a targeted search from the site based on particular type of position you are seeking. For example, you can easily narrow your search to facility, travel, international or home health positions.

Whether you find an open position that meets your needs posted on the website, consider making contact with the company. Complete the online contact form to request additional information from the company or make contact with a staffing representative the most conveniently located branch office. Search Maxim's online office location database to find a branch in or near the area where you live or would like to relocate.


Nursefinders has been among the top nurse staffing agencies since the company begain operations in 1974. The organization is focused solely on matching nurses and other healthcare professionals in employment opportunities. The company has over 100 offices located throughout the United States and helps thousands of healthcare providers meet their clinical staffing needs.

You can search for employment opportunities with this healthcare staffing agency on the website. The powerful online database allows you to search for open positions by classification, specialty, and location. You can pull job openings by state or narrow down your search to particular cities or even zip codes.

While you are on the website, consider registering as a job seeker and completing the online application form. Begin the process on the Sign Up Now page. You can also search for local offices by state, city, or zip code. However, if you see that there is not an office in the area where you want to work, don't assume that the company may not be able to help place you in a position. The company works with clients in many locations, and fills direct-hire, travel, and per-diem positions.

Progressive Nursing

Progressive Nursing has been offering nurse staffing services since 1987. The company helps match nurses seeking employment opportunities with healthcare facilities that need their expertise. The company handles travel nursing placements as well as temporary, direct hire, and contract staffing services.

If you're interested in seeking employment opportunities with Progressive Nursing, search for open positions by state and specialty using the online job search database and fill out the company's online job application form. Alternately, you can contact a recruiter at one of the company's branch offices. Progressive Nursing operates a number of branch locations located in the eastern region of the United States, but does provide placement services through the country.

Working with a Specialized Staffing Agency

Because finding qualified nurses can be so challenging, it's not at all unusual for hospitals and other healthcare providers to rely heavily on specialized staffing services to meet their personnel needs. Working with one of these agencies is a great way to expand your employment prospects and greatly increase your chances of finding a lucrative and rewarding nursing position that you will also enjoy.

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