Online Computer Programming Jobs

Online Computer programming Jobs
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Not all technology work requires commuting to an office location, as online computer programming jobs have been growing in number. Technologists' love of the Internet makes it a logical choice of platform not only for working but also for recruitment and payment.

About Online Computer Programming Jobs

Coders angling for telecommuting opportunities can apply online and obtain part-time or temporary employment without ever having to leave the house. The competition for these gigs is steep and includes a truly global array of contenders.

Many of the applicants and contract employers are located in countries with a below-average cost of living, and that translates into downward pressure on pay rates. Perhaps ironically, it can be harder to qualify for remote-access work, given the intense demand by an ever-growing pool of applicants.

Additionally, when all of the interviews occur over the phone or Internet, an applicant's personality can have less of an impact on hiring decisions than resume details do.


Some work-at-home technology professionals bypass the whole recruitment process by starting their own businesses. These ventures typically take the form of electronic commerce, either independently or through affiliate programs. New inventions often get started in entrepreneurs' homes or garages, althosugh some of them go on to spawn big companies. Business-minded technology afficionados can create their own consultancies headquartered in home offices, and clients via the Internet, and communicate about consulting projects online.

Project Listings

Online computer programming jobs appear on general employment-related websites, along with sites for freelancers and technology job search engines.There are also some upstarts that focus specifically on telecommuting gigs within the field of technology. These include:

  • Go Freelance: Computer programming jobs are one of many categories of work-at-home opportunities listed here. This site incorporates free employment advice as well.
  • Rent a Coder: This site boasts that it guarantees payment to programming consultants using an escrow process. The requisite charges of 6.5% to 15% taken out of the paychecks are justified by potential time savings from not having to chase down payments; escrowing also enables employers to uphold standards of quality before dishing out compensation. No fees are due until the work is done. Nearly 300,000 people have job-applicant memberships, and the average project gets 12.4 bids within the first 24 hours of posting.
  • Scriptlance: Programmers can set up e-mail alerts for projects matching a type of expertise. Candidates' bids to prospective contract employers may include work proposals and details about qualifications. The bidding process is similar to an auction, only there's no required end date, the creators of the projects get to choose the winners and bidders can retract their bids.

Recruitment Trend

Online computer programming jobs appear likely to continue to grow in number due to numerous factors. The phenomenon is a natural consequence of the growth of Internet usage, especially by people who love technology. Employment in general is gravitating toward more contract work and freelancing. Employers and employees alike find telecommuting beneficial both its cost savings and flexibility.

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Online Computer Programming Jobs