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Schools, colleges, universities and tutoring centers often fill online teaching positions from current or local faculty. Others will post job descriptions specifically seeking a specialized instructor in a dedicated subject or education line. The best places to look for an online teaching position are online. When visiting job search sites, use the search terms: online instructor, online teacher and online adjunct or distance learning instructor. You may replace instructor with tutor if you are seeking a tutoring position to supplement your income.

Online College and University Teaching Jobs

Teaching online at the university or college level requires applicants to be at least one full degree higher than the level of student they will be teaching. For example, at local community colleges that offer a distance learning option, applicants must have a bachelor's degree or higher as well as teaching credentials in the state they are applying to teach in. For four year universities or colleges, applicants must have a master's degree or higher. For graduate level teaching positions, students must have a graduate level master's, specialization or a doctorate in the field they want to teach in.

Find teaching jobs specifically at online colleges and universities through:

You may also wish to search for online teaching jobs by visiting the Web sites of schools known for offering an extensive selection of distance learning opportunities. For example:

Online Tutoring Jobs

Online tutoring jobs match highly specialized individuals with students seeking their help. One of the most well known sites,, provides online tutoring for students in elementary, junior high and high school. The subjects are specialized, allowing applicants to tutor in their field. Tutors are rigorously screened and must be highly qualified. All tutoring takes place online with variable hours as the site offers 24 hours a day tutoring sessions.

Other online tutoring positions that offer similar tutoring opportunities may be found through:

Online K-12 Teaching Jobs

Unlike tutoring and college level online courses, K-12 remains a highly localized area for online teachers. Only a handful of online schools are available nationally, and tend to be state regulated. Online teaching requires the same level of teaching specialization, licensing and experience. Many online instructors must have three or more years of classroom teaching experience to be considered for an online teaching position.

Online K-12 teaching jobs may be found at:

Becoming an Online Teacher

Requirements for becoming an online instructor typically include:

  • Formal education: Although specific educational requirements for online instructors can vary, most colleges or universities require that instructors have at least a Master's degree. Companies that hire tutors tend to require at least a Bachelor's degree in Education or the specific discipline.
  • Professional experience: Related professional work experience is desired for courses that deal with a specific vocational area, such as journalism or public relations.
  • Previous teaching experience: While you don't necessarily need to have previous experience teaching an online course, you should have a past record of being able to motivate and inspire your students. If you have no previous experience whatsoever, you may want to consider working as a part-time online tutor before attempting to apply for a job as an online instructor.
  • Willingness to learn new skills: Since distance learning is an industry that is constantly evolving, successful online instructors must be willing to constantly develop and refine their teaching styles to accommodate new technologies.

Since online instructors are often considered to be independent contractors and not employees of a specific educational instruction, you'll generally be expected to provide your own workspace and equipment. This means you'll need high speed Internet access and a fairly new computer with up-to-date software.

Other Resources for Finding Job Openings

General career placement Web sites such as Monster or Career Builder may have online teaching jobs as well.

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