Tips for Finding Part Time Jobs

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Are you looking for part-time employment opportunities? It's not unusual for employers in virtually every industry to hire people to work schedules designed to be less than full-time.

Identifying Local Part-Time Job Openings

The process of looking for a part-time job is very similar to that of looking for full-time work. You need to decide what type of work you want to do, and then look for employers in your geographic area who hire people for part-time shifts for jobs that are appropriate for your skills and interests.

A few of the best places to look for local part-time job openings include:

  • CareerOneStop - Visit the CareerOneStop in your local area and register as a job seeker, being sure to specify that you are seeking part-time work. Utilize the resources provided through the center to identify and apply for relevant opportunities. You can find the office closest to you at their service locator page.
  • Local Classified Ads - Use local print and online help-wanted advertising sections to search for part-time employment opportunities, such as those provided by your local newspaper and through CraigsList. Some of these types of resources have sections devoted specifically to part-time work, while with others you'll need to review the listings for different types of jobs to find out if they are full time or part time.
  • - CareerBuilder has a section devoted specifically to part time jobs. When you go to the site, it defaults to recently posted part-time positions in your area, but you can also search by geographic location and by job type.
  • - is a job search aggregator that pulls in listings from many other online resources. Visit this site and enter the phrase "part-time" in the search box, paired with the city or town where you want to work. If there's a certain type of work you know you want to do, add a descriptive term for it to your search.
  • Staffing Agencies - Contact staffing agencies in your local area and find out which ones work with job seekers who are looking for part-time employment opportunities and apply to the ones that indicate that they may have openings that meet your needs. If you need help identifying local staffing agencies, visit the website for your area's Chamber of Commerce and look up this type of business in the membership directory.

Industry-Specific Part-Time Search Suggestions

A few industries where large numbers of staff positions are budgeted as part-time jobs include food service, retail and healthcare. If you are interested in seeking employment in one of these professions, the following resources may be beneficial to you.

Professional Part Time Jobs

With so many employers recognizing the benefits of hiring part time employees, it has become quite company for companies to fill professional positions with team members who work less than full-time schedules. Some such positions represent job sharing opportunities, while others are roles created specifically to be part-time jobs. If you're in the market for this type of employment opportunity, it is a good idea to register with and use your subscription to find and apply for suitable positions. This affordable, subscription-based service is dedicated solely to listing pre-screened work opportunities (i.e., not scams!) with companies that are seeking out people to fill flexible jobs, including part-time positions.

Finding Food Service Opportunities

Most restaurants hire part-time servers, kitchen staff members and hostesses. Some even have assistant manager jobs that do not require a full-time commitment.

To find open positions, check with restaurants in your area to find out if they have job openings. In addition, apply for job openings posted on the websites of major food service companies., the website of the National Restaurant Association, is a good place to look, as are newspaper and online classified advertising sites specific to your area.

A few employer career sites you may want to check for job postings and instructions regarding how to apply include:

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Identifying Retail Job Opportunities

Retail stores often hire part-time associates, stock-room workers, merchandisers and assistant managers. Stores often post help wanted signs in their window when they have openings. Many post openings on their corporate websites, as well as on job boards and in local newspapers and job search websites.

To improve your chances of finding a position, check with local stores where you would like to work and review their online job postings. A few store sites that you may want to review - assuming there are stores in your area - include:

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See Retail Online Job Applications for more ideas of retail employers that may have part-time work available.

Looking for Part-Time Positions in Healthcare

Because hospitals, nursing homes and assisted living facilities and home health agencies provide services 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, they often have a number of part-time jobs as well as full-time positions. If you have clinical or administrative skills related to healthcare, you may be able to find a job that meets your scheduling needs at a facility in your area.

Make a list of the local healthcare providers and review the career information published on their websites, if available. Be sure to consider jobs labeled PRN - which means "as needed" - as well as those tagged as part-time. You may also want to contact their human resources departments directly to inquire about part-time opportunities and to find out how to apply.

A few online resources that may also be helpful to you as you search for openings include:

Enjoy a Successful Part-Time Job Search

As with any other job search, the keys to finding a part-time job lie with being diligent in identifying and following-up on opportunities. Incorporate the tips presented here into your efforts to secure employment that meets your scheduling needs and you'll have an advantage when it comes to knowing what is available. It's up to you to follow-up on every good lead that you get by completing the application process effectively and to make a positive impression any time that you are invited to interview.

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Tips for Finding Part Time Jobs