Promotional Marketing Jobs

Be Prepared to Ace Your Next Job Interview
Be Prepared to Ace Your Next Job Interview

Are you interested in learning what types of promotional marketing jobs exist? There are many different types of jobs in this field.

Examples of Promotional Marketing Jobs

Marketing Manager

People who work as marketing managers are responsible for creating and implementing marketing plans for the products or services their companies offer to consumers. Their jobs include conducting and analyzing marketing research, determining promotional strategies that may include a combination of advertising and public relations campaigns, and overseeing the process of creating the company's marketing messages. Marketing managers are often involved in setting product pricing, package design, logistics issues involved in getting products to market, and more.

Individuals who hold these types of positions in large organizations typically serve as the liaison between the company and its advertising agency, as well as providing supervision for the in-house marketing department staff members. A degree in marketing or a related field and extensive experience in the field are generally required for these types of jobs.

Merchandising Specialist

Merchandisers are responsible for promoting the products they represent at the point of sale. They go into stores and ensure that the product lines they work with are displayed correctly and in a visually appealing manner. The job of a merchandiser often entails bringing merchandise to the sales floor from the stockroom and arranging the products according to plan-o-gram, which is a diagram of what the finished display should look like. Some merchandisers represent a single product line, while others represent a number of different companies.

For information about the merchandising profession and career opportunities in the field, visit the National Association of Retail Merchandisers (NARMS) website.

Product Demonstrator

Many companies hire product demonstrators to highlight the benefits of their products to shoppers. People who hold these types of positions work in retail stores and are typically positioned at special display tables where they share information about targeted items with customers. They don't work for the stores, but are rather employed to represent specific product lines. Food and beverage product demonstrators typically hand out taste test samples along with coupons. Others provide demonstrations of how products like vacuum cleaners and water filtration filters work, handing out product literature and special promotion information interested shoppers. Typically, individuals who perform this type of work receive hourly wages plus a commission on products sold or coupons redeemed during the hours they are working. There are both full-time and part-time job opportunities for demonstrators.


Publicists are tasked with seeking media coverage for their clients. Some publicists work in corporate settings, representing only those products or services offered by their employers. Others work for advertising or public relations agencies where they handle publicity responsibilities for a variety of clients. Performing this type of work involves writing and distributing news releases to traditional and online media outlets as well as pitching story ideas to media contacts. Building solid professional relationships with media representatives such as reporters, bloggers, producers, and others, is also an essential component of this type of promotional marketing job.

Sales Representative

Individuals who work as sales representatives are responsible for selling the products they represent directly to customers. There are many types of sales representative employment opportunities, including both inside sales and outside sales positions. Job opportunities include jobs working in retail stores, call center telemarketing, business-to-business sales, direct-to-consumer-sales, and others. Many sales representatives market tangible products, such as clothing or automobiles, while others represent intangible services, such as insurance products or educational services. Some sales professionals work on a commission-only basis, while others are paid a salary or who have the opportunity to earn both regular wages and commissions on products sold.

Seeking a Job in Promotional Marketing

If you're interested in applying for promotional marketing jobs, you'll need to create a resume that highlights any relevant training and experience that you have, making sure to emphasize aspects of your prior positions that required marketing skills and knowledge. It's also a good idea to write a cover letter that you can submit along with your resume. Be sure the letter details why you want to work in this field and that highlights the skills you have to offer to employers.

Additionally, it's in your best interest to reach out to professionals in the industry when you get serious about searching for employment in a particular field. As with many professions, networking with people already working in the field can be an excellent way to find out about job openings and get referrals that can help you secure the type of job you hope to find. Consider getting involved with the American Advertising Federation, Public Relations Society of America, or chapters of other relevant professional organizations in your area as a way of cultivating contacts with individuals working in the industry who may be able to help you accomplish your career goals.

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