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Sales Jobs for Fishing Gear Manufacturers Reps

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People interested in sales jobs for fishing gear manufacturers reps conduct their search in a similar fashion as anyone who is interested in working in sales.

Manufacturers Sales Rep Job Description

A person who is working as a manufacturers sales representative sells products to retail organizations as well as wholesalers. Part of the work involves servicing existing company accounts, while the sales rep is also required to take the steps required to find new customers for his or her employer.

The salesperson will likely visit existing and prospective customers at their places of business. The job may also involve attending trade shows to promote the company and its products.

Once the sales rep is meeting with a prospect, he or she will explain the features and benefits of his or her company's products. He or she must be able to answer the customer's questions about the product and how best to display and promote the items. Dealing with any concerns the customer has is also part of the manufacturer's sales representative's responsibilities. The rep may have a catalogue or samples to show to the prospect. The sales rep will then ask for the order to close the sale.

Sales Jobs for Fishing Gear Manufacturers Reps

Ideally, a person who is interested in working for a fishing gear manufacturer enjoys the outdoors and fishing in particular. Part of working in this type of job involves establishing good relationships with customers. Someone who enjoys the activity can speak with more authority than a person who knows the product details only.

How to Find a Job in the Industry

The first step in finding sales jobs for fishing gear manufacturers reps is to conduct some research. Going online is a great way to find out which companies carry fishing gear and to learn something about their product line and corporate culture. The job search can be confined to local companies only or if the job seeker is willing to relocate, he or she can search for employment opportunities in any geographic location.

Attend Trade Shows

A person who is interested in this type of work may also want to consider attending trade shows to get information and make some contacts in the industry. The International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades (ICAST) is an international trade show sponsored by the American Sportfishing Association. The 2010 show welcomed over 7,000 people from 63 countries in Orlando, Florida. This show is not open to the public but a job seeker who is working in the industry may be able to get a pass to attend.

Even if a job seeker is not able to attend the show personally, checking out the ICAST web site can provide some valuable information. The list of exhibitors can provide leads for a person interested in either breaking into the industry or exploring career opportunities with other companies.

Job Boards

Another way to find sales rep jobs with fishing gear companies is to check out online job boards. This is a way to find advertised positions, but job seekers need to understand that they will be competing against many applicants for the same position.Candidates may also want to visit one of these specialized industry job boards:

A better strategy is to make a list of companies that the job seeker would like to work for and contact each one directly, whether they are currently advertising for sales representatives or not. Not all openings are advertised immediately, and spending time browsing through company web sites can lead to some great employment opportunities in this industry.

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Sales Jobs for Fishing Gear Manufacturers Reps