Tips on Waiting Tables

Top Tips on Waiting Tables

Waiting tables can be quite lucrative, and many people start of working in a restaurant as a first job. The tips on waiting tables presented here will help you get off to the best possible start.

Neat Appearance

Having a professional appearance counts when working as a server. Your uniform should be clean and neat. Keep your hair pulled back away from your face, and don't chew gum while on the job.

Smile When Greeting Customers

Shortly after your customers are seated at their table, approach them with a smile. Smile and say your name. Make them feel welcome.

Take Their Drink Order

Give the customers menus and ask if they would like to order something to drink while they decide what they would like to eat.

Upsell by Mentioning Appetizers

Tell your customer what the daily special is and offer them a couple of suggestions for appetizers. Familiarize yourself with what is on the menu and the ingredients used to prepare each dish so that you can answer customer questions, if necessary.

Serve Everyone at Once

When the food orders are ready, serve everyone at the table at once. Get help from another server, if necessary, so that one person isn't left waiting for something to eat while the other members of the party have started.

Offer to Refill Drinks

After the food has been served, check to see whether the order has been prepared the way your customer wanted. Ask whether they need extra napkins, condiments, or a drink refill.

Present the Check Discreetly

At the end of the meal, present the check discretely and leave it on the table. Let your customer know whether they pay the server directly or if they should go to the cash register to pay. Ask how the meal was, and be sure to thank them for coming in to the restaurant.

Whether you are waiting tables as a summer job or part time job, these tips can help you be a great server who will earn top tips.

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Tips on Waiting Tables