Job Description of a Computer Technician

Computer Technician Jobs

Computer technicians perform a variety of tasks associated with setting up, maintaining, repairing, and troubleshooting computer and network equipment. While the job description of a computer technician may vary greatly from one company to another, there are several duties that most people who work in this field are likely to perform on a regular basis.

Computer Repair

Virtually every job description of a computer technician involves performing computer repair services.

Software Installation

Many computer repair technicians spend time installing and troubleshooting software applications for coworkers and clients.

Provide Technical Support

Computer technicians are often responsible for providing telephone, e-mail, and live chat technical support for software and hardware users.

Computer Networking

Computer technician job responsibilities often include setting up and administering computer networks.

Maintain Electronic Equipment

In addition to maintaining computer equipment, information technology professionals are often responsible for maintaining company cell phones, blackberries, personal digital assistants, and more.

End User Training

Computer technicians often provide computer training to coworkers, teaching them how to use software applications and perform basic troubleshooting functions.

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Job Description of a Computer Technician