Listing of Medical Occupations


Nursing is one of the most in-demand occupations in any listing of medical occupations. There is great demand for Licensed Practical Nurses, Registered Nurses, and advanced practice nursing professionals.


Working as a medical doctor can be very rewarding, regardless of specialization. Be prepared to spend a significant amount of time and money training for this type of medical career. You'll need to earn a B.A., go to medical school, complete a residency, and engage post-graduate study.


If you're interested in helping people take care of their dental health, pursuing a career as a dentist may be right for you. You'll need to complete dental school upon earning your Bachelor's degree to become a dentist. Related occupations include orthodontics and dental hygienist positions.

Diagnostic Technician

There are plenty of career opportunities for individuals interested in learning how to operate diagnostic equipment, including X-Ray, MRI, and ultrasound machines.

Physical Therapist

If you're interested in helping people recover from injuries and maintain their mobility, working as a physical therapist or PT assistant might be the right choice for you.

Medical Researcher

Those who work behind the scenes in medical labs play important roles in diagnosing patients, as well as coming up with new treatments for diseases.


If you're a believer in holistic healthcare and you want to help people maintain good health through proper spinal alignment, you may find that a career in chiropractic medicine is a good choice for you.


Not all healthcare jobs require working with human patients. If you're an animal lover who wants to work in healthcare, pursuing a career in veterinary medicine might be a good choice for you.


Many people find phlebotomy to be one of the most rewarding allied health professions. This occupation involves drawing blood, often for lab tests or blood donations. Phlebotomists sometimes perform a variety of additional duties.

Medical Office Professional

There are opportunities in a listing of medical occupations for those who don't want to work in direct patient care. Hospitals, clinics, and medical offices all require administrative professionals, and there are fun part time jobs available in support services as well.

The Next Step

If you're ready to go to work in the medical profession, enroll in an appropriate training program or find out what types of positions you're already qualified for by contacting a medical employment agency.

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Listing of Medical Occupations