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Summer Jobs for College Students

Looking for ideas for summer jobs for college students? It's up to you whether you are ready to seek an internship or cooperative education opportunity in your field or if you'd prefer to stick with a job in a setting where you may already have some work experience or where employers typically seek college students to fill open summer positions.

Professional Internship

If you're ready to start getting experience in your field, consider applying for a professional internship this year. See your course advisor or a career services representative at your school for ideas about where to apply.

Resort Hotel

Resort hotels typically add additional staff members during the summer months. These types of companies often hire college students to work in guest services, housekeeping, food service, and other positions.

Summer Camp Counselor

If you enjoy being around kids and working in the great outdoors, consider applying for work as a summer camp counselor.

Working as a Waitress

Waiting tables can be a great option for college students seeking summer employment. The hours tend to be flexible and earning tips can be a great way to put cash aside for the school year.

Lifeguard Employment

If you're a strong swimmer and know CPR, you may want to become certified to work as a lifeguard. There are opportunities to perform this type of work in beach communities, country clubs, municipal swimming pools, resorts, and other settings.

Temporary Office Work

If you'd like to work in a professional setting over the summer, consider applying for a position performing temporary office work. You might be hired to work in a mail room, answer a company's phones, perform call center customer service, or for many other types of positions.

Day Care Center Worker

Many day care centers add extra staff members during the summer month's to accommodate increased enrollment when school is out of session. If you want to be a teacher, this is a great way to start getting some field related experience.

Be Prepared to Interview

Before you can get hired for any type of job, you'll have to impress the hiring manager at a job interview. See What Do You Do at a Job Interview for tips to "wow" the person making the decision!

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College Student Summer Jobs Gallery