What Do You Do at a Job Interview

Prepare for the Interview


Are you wondering what do you do at a job interview? Take the time to prepare yourself before the interview. Learn about the overall industry, the company and the type of job you are applying for. Anticipate possible questions and be prepared with solid responses without having them memorized. Have several questions ready to ask the person doing the interview.

Dress Professionally


When attending the interview make sure to be well dressed and well groomed. The old saying dress for success is important for making a good first impression. Dressing properly according to the type of job and the company is also important. Either call the human resource department to find out the proper attire for the company or visit and see for yourself. When choosing your outfit, it is better to dress on the conservative side and always pay attention to the details. Before the interview, do a last minute check up in the rest room mirror.

Be on Time


Arrive at the interview approximately ten minutes before the scheduled time. If something should cause you to run late, make sure to call the company and let them know. Arriving late for a job interview is never a good thing.

Turn Off Your Cell Phone


Make sure to turn off your cell phone, pager and any other electronic gadgets you have with you before going into the interview.

Bring Extra Resumes


It is always a good idea to have several copies of your resume with you at the time of the interview. Remember even though the interviewer has your resume you have to sell yourself during the interview.

The Greeting and Handshake


When you meet the interviewer make sure to shake hands with a firm handshake. A handshake that is limp or a clammy hand does not make a good first impression. Greet the interviewer using his title and last name, for example Mr. Smith or Dr. Jones. Make sure you know how to pronounce the interviewer's last name. If you are not sure of the pronunciation, ask the receptionist before the interview. Do not sit down until the interviewer offers you a chair.

Be Attentive


During the interview be attentive, interested and alert. Make sure that you have good eye contact throughout the interview. Remember posture and body language are also important.

Show Enthusiasm


Show enthusiasm toward the position you are applying for as well as for the company in general. Speak in a strong voice that projects confidence making sure to avoid incorrect language and words such as um and like. Answer the interviewer's questions in a sincere manner making sure to always be truthful. Stress your good points and achievements.

Concluding the Interview


When the interview is finished, sincerely thank the interviewer for his time and extend a warm firm handshake.

Send a Thank You Note


Beyond knowing what do you do at a job interview, it's also important to ensure that you stand out after the fact. Make sure to write a thank you note or letter to the person that interviewed you. If more than one person conducted the interview, write a separate thank you note to each person.

See the article job interview thank you letters to learn how to write a thank you that will make you stand out from the crowd.

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What Do You Do at a Job Interview