Telecommunication Jobs

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The term "telecommunications industry" refers to manufacturers and distributors of cell phones, televisions, radios, Internet programs and other electronic devices. Jobs within the industry include sales, engineering, product development and other management positions.

Telecommunications Job Listings

Although many general job boards allow users to separate telecommunications jobs from other types of open positions, several websites dedicate themselves solely to jobs in the field. These job boards not only allow employers to post job openings, but also permit users to upload resumes so that employers can review uploaded files. Some sites provide daily emails to subscribers with lists of recently posted jobs. Most websites are free.

Telecom Careers: On this job board, job seekers can narrow their search to a specific telecommunications field, such as sales, software, accounting or engineering. Job listings provide the date they were posted, location and job description. Users can apply online through the site. Job seekers can also search for jobs with a specific company. Major telecom companies are listed alphabetically and their contact information, including the name of the hiring coordinator are provided.

National Telecommunications Cooperative Association In-House Job Listings: The Association's main website lists jobs available with the association itself. Jobs are mainly located on the East Coast and consist of claims managers and government affairs coordinators.

Telecom Crossing: This site allows users to narrow their telecommunication job search by specific field or state. Job postings contain the date posted, company name and description of the position. Users are also able to create a resume online or upload one and apply for positions directly through the site. Employers are able to view uploaded resumes and contact potential candidates.

Career Builder: This website provides job openings that are searchable by jobs near you. Individual job postings provide a description of the position and contact link for the hiring coordinator. You can also set up a jobs alert to let you know when the type of positions you're interested in become available.

Alternative Methods for Finding Openings

Searching for a job can be a daunting task. While Internet job boards make the task easier, you may have to incorporate other methods into your search.

Jobs in many fields can be found by networking with current employees in the field. Make a list of everyone you know with a job in the telecommunications field, regardless of whether they work within the particular sector that you are interested in. Call or email those individuals, informing them about your current job search. Let them know that you're seeking advice about obtaining a telecommunications job. It is rare someone you contact would be unwilling to help you or provide you with at least one other person to contact. What started as a single point of contact can soon grow to many, increasing your chances of acquiring knowledge regarding currently open positions.

You can also contact human resources directly and ask if they have any open positions. Because their job is to find new talent for the company, human resources will provide you with information about any available jobs. They may invite you to send in your resume to determine if there is a potential match. To avoid becoming a nuisance, contact managers once a month or less.

Applying for Your Job

In the telecommunications field, most potential employers are going to request that resumes and other application materials be submitted online. This means that you may need to sign up on the company's website and either upload your resume and cover letter or complete the company's online application form.

Always follow up with the company after submitting an application. Wait approximately a week after applying before calling or emailing the human resource director or hiring manager. This will prevent your resume from becoming lost in the abyss of submitted resumes.

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Telecommunication Jobs