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Telecommute Insurance Careers

Working at Home with Insurance

Telecommute insurance careers can be highly lucrative and very flexible. These two things draw many people to these types of careers. Telecommuting insurance positions range from being an insurance agent to providing marketing and administrative services as a virtual assistant. The type of job you may be able to get depends on your experience and training.

Types of Telecommute Insurance Careers

A range of jobs can be done from home by qualified individuals. Nearly all types of insurance positions can be done from home, but only if the insurance company allows for it.

  • Loss Control Representatives: Individuals who have experience in loss prevention and control may find employment through some companies. Tasks include performing inspections on accounts and maintaining paperwork.
  • Quality Assurance Representative: Insurance companies employ these individuals to work with their customers to ensure customers understand the policies and processes of the plan. These telecommuting positions may require secondary languages spoken and may require insurance licensing.
  • Property Field Claims Examiner: This insurance job requires that the employee visits residential and commercial properties to inspect claims for estimates. These professionals often determine coverage and get appraisals done. When working in the local area, most of the work is completed from home.
  • Claim Specialists: People who perform this type of work process claim paperwor. Duties often include processing returned checks, making claim adjustments, managing refunds and other administrative tasks.
  • Insurance Agent: Agents who telecommute work from home while growing the company's business. These agents must be licensed insurance agents with the state. They must develop their own clients, managing policies, monitor claims, collect premiums and sell insurance.

Other types of insurance jobs are available to those who wish to work from home, too. In short, nearly all skills can be done at home, if the insurance provider is willing to allow individuals to work from their homes. Many do.

Finding Insurance Telecommuting Positions

Perhaps the best way to locate positions with insurance companies to work from home is to speak with a current employer or local office and request such opportunities. Sell yourself and working from home as beneficial to the company.

  • It allows the company to cut down on expenses such as office space and utilities.
  • Many work as independent contractors, which means the employer does not pay health insurance, workers compensation insurance, or any taxes for the employee.
  • Most independent contractors receive payment per project or per lead, which means the company may pay less to hire a telecommuter than to hire a full time associate to work in house.

Speak with the insurance agency's manager about possible positions within the company. Request to receive information of future positions as they become available, too.

Seeking Employment Online

Working from Home

Locating telecommute insurance careers can also be done online. There are several websites available to use to help track down available positions.

  • FlexJobs: FlexJobs offers a range of telecommuting positions, including an updated list of insurance positions. Visit them often as jobs are posted regularly to the website.
  • MyMommyBiz: MyMommyBiz offers insurance jobs at their website for telecommuting parents. Insurance jobs are often posted when available.
  • Career Builder: Career Builder is a well known job listing website. The company does list telecommuting positions when posted by employers.
  • offers a large range of insurance position including some telecommute positions.
  • offers a large listing of insurance positions available including telecommute positions.

Tips for Getting Positions

When considering any telecommuting position, be sure you qualify for the position. Some insurance jobs, such as sales agent positions, require licensing. Learn if this is required by learning what the tasks will be ahead of time. Additionally, many positions require equipment such as computers, high speed Internet connections, and headsets to be used. These may or may not be provided by the company. Finally, be sure to have a quiet location to work and demonstrate to the company you can work independently, successfully.

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Telecommute Insurance Careers