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Are you interested in learning about opportunities for telecommuting jobs? Many companies hire employees and contractors to perform various types of jobs from home using computers and telephone technology.

Types of Telecommuting Jobs

Jobs that lend themselves to telecommuting are positions that can be performed effectively from any location where telephone or Internet access is available.

  • Computer Programming & Web Development - Many companies hire programmers to and web design and development professionals to design and maintain software applications and websites on a telecommuting basis. Designers and programmers can often find full time employment as well as contract or project based positions that can be performed remotely. Knowledge Tree, for example, recruits. telecommuting computer professionals. Drupal developers can find openings on Many companies advertise these types of positions on general job search websites, such as Career Builder and
  • Telephone Customer Support - An increasing number of businesses that operate call centers are adding telecommuters to their team. A few organizations that hire for these types of positions include Asurion Corporation, Alorica, Live Ops, and many others.
  • Virtual Assisting - The field of virtual assisting is growing rapidly. Individuals who work in this field put their office skills to work providing various types of administrative support for clients from their homes. Most virtual assistants are self employed. Opportunities for those seeking clients and employment opportunities are available on
  • Writing - There is a growing need for web content writers who are interested in telecommuting work. Many online publishing companies contract with home-based writers, and there are also opportunities for freelance writers to sell their work via online markets. If this type of telecommuting work interests you, see LoveToKnow, and Constant Content.

Finding Work from Home Jobs

There are several resources for finding telecommuting job opportunities. Always proceed with caution when responding to advertisements to work for companies that you are not already familiar with. Be wary of potential scams that target people looking for opportunities to work from home. Keep in mind that no legitimate employer will ask applicants to pay money to apply for employment.

Free Telecommuting Websites

There are several websites where you can find announcements for telecommuting jobs that do not charge a fee. In some cases, these types of websites simply provide links to the websites of companies that hire telecommuting workers. Others list actual help wanted announcements.

work from home

Some boards charge employers to publish openings, but others allow anyone to submit a job announcement for publication. Those that only accept paid job announcements are less likely to include scams than others, but it is important to proceed with caution when applying for positions found on either type of site.

Telecommuting job information and announcements can be found on:

Telecommuting Job Sites that Charge a Commission

In addition to websites that publish job announcements, there are also job boards for individuals who are interested in telecommuting contract work. These sites are typically free to search, but require those who find work through them to pay a membership fee or a commission, which is typically a percentage of the amount earned on each project.

These sites provide excellent employment opportunities for those who prefer freelancing to working for a particular company. They are also good solutions for people who are seeking short term opportunities to work from home, as well as for individuals seeking to build a positive track record of telecommuting work.

Examples of fee and commission based bid and contract opportunity job sites include:

Job Boards that Require Subscriptions

Some telecommuting website require job seekers to pay for access to job listings. If you are committed to seeking a telecommuting opportunity, joining one of these sites can be a great way to find out about employment possibilities. Before paying to join a subscription site, make sure that the site doesn't simply republish job openings you can find online yourself.

home based work

Look for a job board that screens job openings that are published to the site. Ideally, you want to choose one that allows employers to publish work from home employment opportunities free or for a very low rate, but that also verifies that postings are for legitimate positions.

Paid subscription sites you may want to investigate include:

Is Telecommuting Right for You

If you work well without a great deal of direct supervision and you're looking for flexible work options, a telecommuting job might be an excellent option for you. Because so many companies are starting to see the benefits of hiring employees who work from home, don't limit your job search research to the companies discussed in this article. Visit the websites of companies that interest you to find out if they offer telecommuting job opportunities and apply for the ones that interest you.

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