Temporary Jobs for Students

Temporary Jobs for College Students
Temporary Jobs for College Students
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Young people who are in the process of completing school can check out opportunities for temporary jobs for students to get some practical work experience and earn some money besides.

Temporary Jobs for Students: Options

Some U.S. government programs are available to help students find short-term work opportunities. Other options include signing up with an employment agency to find work that suits a student's schedule or investigating internship opportunities.

Student Career Experience Program

The Student Career Experience Program (SCEP) is similar to STEP, but this option is focused on helping students gain experience that is directly related to their fields of study. People studying at the high school through to graduate school levels can be considered for this program.

Candidates who are accepted into the SCEP can work on a full-or part-time basis. They also accumulate credits that can be used for sick or vacation days. Participants are also entitled to health and life insurance coverage.

Applicants will be considered if they have been accepted or are currently enrolled in a program at an accredited educational institution. All candidates must be either a United States citizen or a national. Non-U.S. citizens will also be considered for the SCEP program if they are eligible to work in the United States.

Temp Agency Work

Students who are ready to get to work and have some time available can sign up with a temp agency. The advantage of taking this approach is that students have the option of advising the agency when they is available for assignments. They can work when it suits their schedule, and when they are busy with school work and other demands on their time, they are not obligated to take any assignments.

Working through a temp agency can help students meet people who can help them in a future job search. The contacts the student makes can be invaluable for networking purposes. This strategy can even open the door to a job offer on graduation, so the student should be aware that his or her performance and attitude are being observed.


Students Earn Cash

Internships are another source of temporary jobs for students. Some of these opportunities involve paid work, while others are for college credit only. To find out about available programs, a student can check with the college or university's career placement office. Another way to learn more about internships is to check out the Careers section of corporate web sites.

Many companies offer these types of opportunities for students, and full details on eligibility and how to apply are posted online. Some companies choose to conduct on-campus hiring drives for internships, and the school's careers office will have information about which ones will be coming to campus to recruit students for these types of temporary jobs.

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Temporary Jobs for Students